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Never have any been as blessed as we ar, to live in such a paradise
-Hahli, Mask of Light
So familiar you can probably name a few locations
-Varderan, BIONICLE Autopsy"

Let’s talk about that island paradise from the time before time.


Honestly, it's a bit overrated, in my eyes.

Yes, it's Iconic, and it did have that big reveal of the Big Story Engine, and it did serve as the setting for the "Golden Years"

But honestly...?

The only really interesting aspects from it were the Fauna. That is to say, the beasts. None of which were native. At all. Except maybe those birds from MoL.

I personally find Metru Nui and Voya-Nui more interesting places.

Metru-Nui for being a place that fits its inhabitants, and that cool Origin Story quality, and Voya Nui for being a depressing and pretty dark deconstruction of what Mata Nui was.

So while I don't hate the island, or think it sucks, I will say that I just sorta don't care for it as much as the other settings we've been given.


Very good points. I have to say, Mata Nui was more interesting to me because of the characters that inhabited it. The thing about Mata Nui is that the majority of its good points are built. The matoran and Turaga had to restart completely there. Maybe it's not the most interesting location, but I feel its significance is ultimately paramount.


I don't know, the thing I like best about Mata Nui as an island is the fact that it basically acts as camouflage for the Mata Nui Robot when it hit Aqua Magna. I feel like that was a pretty creative part of the story.


The thing I like the most about Mata Nui is the MNOG. stuck_out_tongue

But really, while I do really really like it, I think I agree with Nyran, I do like Voya and Metru Nui better. But they were also very nostalgic for me because they were around during my "Bionicle prime".

But I still do like Mata Nui, like I said, mostly because the MNOG and I got to explore it so much. I like the feel of all the villages and big it feels.

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I always loved the Island. I do wish though, that there had been a few more minor locations: Le-Kini, Matoran's favorite spots in the wahi, and maybe a few more landmarks.

I also sometimes wished the wahi's overlapped a little more.


I think what really drew me to Mata-Nui was it was a pretty big island with lots of space, meaning, that there's a lot to roam, to explore, and just do whatever and put anything anywhere for the imagination.


what i dont understand is that when mata nui rose what happened to mata nui(island) voya nui and karda nui wouldnt everyone die exept the people underground

Mata-nui was destroyed because Mata-nui was directly under it when he rose, Voya-nui was left alone and im not sure about Karda-nui.

As Char said, Mata Nui (the island) was destroyed when The Great Spirit Robot (Mata Nui) rose out of the ocean. Voya Nui had been returned to its place inside of the GSR at the end of '07, so no life was lost there. As far as Karda Nui goes, the rising itself wouldn't necessarily kill anyone living there, unless you count the energy storm caused by awakening Mata Nui.


what about the matoran and turaga and rahi

They had already left for Metru-nui.


if they went back to metru nui didnt they encounter the visorak

The Visorak were long gone.

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M8, I think you're being confused by the timeline here...

2001: Toa Mata come to Mata Nui, collect masks, "beat" Makuta, celebrate
2002: Bohrok invade, Toa Mata collect Krana, "beat" bohrok, become Toa Nuve, celebrate
2003: Bohrok-Kal take away powers, Toa collect masks, Toa use Vahi against Bohrok-kal, actually beat Bohrok, celebrate. Mask of Light is found, rahkshi invade, Toa of Light is found, "beat" makuta again, celebrate.
2004: Turaga tell stories of when they were Toa in Metru Nui about a thousand or so years ago. (SO ALL THIS HAPPENS BEFORE 2001-2003) Toa Metru find great disks, make Vahi, imprison Makuta, and find Mata Nui.
2005: (Turaga are still telling stories) Toa Metru go back to Metru Nui for the rest of the matoran. (A lot of stuff happened between now and when they found Mata Nui) Metru Nui infested with visorak, visorak turn Metru into Hordika, Vakama goes nuts, captures rahaga, realizes he's a doof and accidentally releases Makuta. The Toa are returned back to normal, build ships, load matoran onto ships, and go back to Metru Nui. IN THE PRESENT, Matoran build ships to go back to Metru Nui, which Turaga Dume and the rahaga have been cleaning up. Visorak are gone.

2006-2007 doesn't really matter in this context, except for the part where they put the islands back.

2008: The GSR is re-awoken, Makuta takes over, all the islands are back where they should be because of the Inika/Mahri, and Mata Nui gets flung.

2009: doesn't matter once again

2010: Makuta's all like "Oh no, gotta go and really finish Mata Nui because I've been duped!" Mata Nui and him fight, The GSR is evacuated, Mata Nui moons Makuta, GSR's brain is destroyed (AKA Metru Nui is destroyed) and happily ever after.

The end.


whats GSR is that mata nui(robot)



can't tell if typo,

or insult to toa nuva.



He was making a reference to Nuve, the Asset Management company.


Obviously. The Toa team that handles all of the assets.