Matau Hordika (revamp)

So this is my first MOC in around 5 months, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Matau Hordika was my first BIONICLE and remains as one of my favourite sets to have come out of the franchise, so I felt it was necessary to revamp him.

I mainly took inspiration from his appearance in the Web of Shadows film, hence his free left hand. I also wanted him to look pretty feral, so the Hordika chest plate looks as if it's 'hanging' from his chest. Speaking of chests, I adapted the torso design from a previous MOC of mine.

The Rhotuka works! smiley

I feel that his legs could have complimented his look more, particularly the lower half.

An homage to my first encounter with gears in Lego. While there is no actual function, the forearm can be held up very easily, though this means I had to use those blue pins instead of the tan or light grey ones, which have much less friction on the rounded end.


As always, any and all feedback is welcome!


great design I really like this moc


his arms are really great designed!

9.88853/10 for this MOC XD

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This looks pretty rad, kinda makes me regret not getting any hordika.


That's an awesome revamp, I like the overall appearance, but Im not so sure about how secure the hordika torso is placed on. I really like how you did both arms and they do seem very much like the movie.


@Random_great_being Thanks!

@runner5050 Thank you. smiley

@Risebell I got hooked after I bought Matau, so I ended up getting them all. Thanks!

@ToaKylerak Thanks! The chest is actually pretty stable with the addition of the rubber band.


pretty good! Lovin the design!

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I like it a lot, only thing negative i can say is that the right hand's articulation might be hindered slightly by the LoSS leg piece on the arm. Also the piece under the neck looks a little odd to me.

I don't mind the rubber band solution too much, though i think there are probably ways to get around it and fix it somehow with some trial and error.



Sorry, but I love Matau hordika, and this MOC is outstanding! great work man!


this is really great, better than the actual version

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Wow! This is amazing! smiley I really like the hand and all the proportions, it does make it look limp much like the original set. The pipe is definitely my favorite addition here.

Good job! stuck_out_tongue

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Wait a sec
he is wearing his mask right now and he is holding his mask?
Did he steal it from Piruk


@JMP Thanks! smiley

@Scarilian Yeah, the hand's articulation is somewhat limited, although not by much as it can move relatively freely. I'll keep trying to find another way to attach the chest plate, I'm not entirely satisfied with the rubber band. Thanks!

@RaptorTalon Thank you. smiley

@Middlefingerstudios I don't think you can ever truly be better than the original, but thanks!

@Toa_Of_Shadows Thanks very much!

@Whaddon Rest In Piruk


This is way better than the original- I like the feral look to him as well


it's awesome!

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Last time I tried to comment on this the boards went down, and I don't want to retype the long paragraph of praise, so I'll just say: That looks amazing. 16/10. I loved matau Hordika when he came out.

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The only thing that should be changed is that you should cover up that black spot between his chest and neck.

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Well he wasn't my first BIONICLE, but he was the first one I got when I started to like the line. And he is one of my favorites. So you automatically get a 12/10


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The different hands are what sell it for me.

That's really cool.


this should be a set simply because i want one in my house.

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