Math(s) R Gr8

hahaha no


Is anyone besides me currently taking physics and wondering how it applies to Protector guns?


Are you talking about the literal physical rotary stud launcher Lego pieces, or the weapons in-story?

Literal launchers.

It's pretty simple, if a bit difficult to explain by description over image; have you seen any of the video reviews? I'm pretty sure DV showed off how the function works

Inside the gun is this yellow piece that sticks up and touches the studs. When you turn the piece by the axle on the back, the little tab hits the studs underneath. That's how it fires (I think stuck_out_tongue )

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I just got done with triangle congruence in Geometry, I beg to differ that math is gr8. >_>

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Math is terrible... TERRIBLE I tell you!

Especially when I see a problem I don't know how to solve!

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who needs math when you can have.........


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you'll be history if...

I got nothing...

Ahem, let me take over here.

@charyas, You'll be history if you don't know how to do your taxes! Muah ha ha ha ha!

-Sincerely, the IRA


or,you know, ill just be homeless

Wrong topic, Charyas



I do like math, but now that I'm into Calculus 2, it's getting... Weirder... And more complicated

You're barely scratching the surface of the implications.

How much torque will the axle provide to the bullet? What will its acceleration be? Will the acceleration be enough to counteract the small mass, and provide enough force to knock over a minifigure, let alone a Skull Spider or Protector, onto its back?


Some how I feel that you are over-analyzing this XP

However I shall join you in this endeavor. Once I acquire a launcher, I shall weigh the studs, measure their velocity, and make conclusions.


Spoken like a true physician, er, physicist.

Okay so
my mother told me to study

I asked her

"What is the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle when the lengths of the other sides are 6cm and 8cm?"

10 cm
10.5 cm (to 1dp)
or 10.6 cm (to 1dp)

she said 10.5
I told her wrong answer
Then said

6 squared + 8 squared= 100
Square root of 100 is 10



I got to help my math teacher figure out a math problem the other day. The teacher couldn't figure out the answer, so I volunteered, and solved it on the board.

I rather like math.

Currently, I'm trying to formulate a proof for a math rule I accidently stumbled upon a few months ago.

Or, alternatively, the hypotenuse of any triangle with legs 3 and 4 is 5. Multiply that rule by 2 and you have this problem.