Matoran Colors/Designs [Art][Characters]

I changed up my prior color pallet to make a more consistent style. I also tweaked the base design to have a female version too.

Note: These are base designs. Matoran can still have various accessories to make them more unique, but this is just comparing them without all that.

Mangai Matoran

Ihu Matoran

Naho Matoran

Kanae Matoran

Motara Matoran

Tiro Matoran

Lightning Matoran


the "extra masks" as you call them are a little bit way too geometrical for my liking

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[Edit] - I’ve been looking back through some of my pitches, and decided to change up these designs.

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I quite like these designs! plenty of CHARACTER!

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Very nice.

It is a nice design.

ITs a bit blocky I admit but I think it has a good feel to it.

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The legos are a bit blocky?.. shocking :laughing:

The overall shape of their printing was based on the version Ven had made. I liked the route he was taking on it, so I put it in the template style of their toa designs.

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I like them
They are cleaner than the designs I did back then.

Personally I am considering to reanimate Brickonicle purely in artwork.

And I feel like i have finally have the skill to do what I could not do 2 years ago XD.

Unemployment has the boon of free time.