Matoran Nui (Metru Nui)

So I tried this combo model of the six released matoran of metru nui. I also recreated the moment they combined into the Matoran Nui and helped the Toa Metru before facing the Morbuzakh’s King Root.

One thing to consider. I have changed the color of the matoran’s hands (and some pins) to give the a look I liked better. (At the end of the post there is a couple of photos of the six matoran with the little mod on the hands and pins)


I remember seeing one of these by @TheThirdOlmak, and there are many differences between the two. I do like each of them, this one looking like a blown up metrutoran, with his more reminiscent of the kaita of old. I like how you pulled off the legs, its always interesting to see things like this with shorter pieces (bohrok, matoran, ect.) overall, Id say nice job!


This looks like it could’ve been an official combo model. Well done!


Nice! I just saw that model and I see that we did a similar thing with the arms haha, interesting. And thank you for your kind words!

Thanks! That was my idea so it’s nice to see that it was understood.


Oh this is way better than what I’ve been working on. Great body shaping, I know how difficult it is to make solid connections.

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