Matoran Nui (Metru Ver.)

I recently completed my collection of the 6 Metru-toran, and remembered in Bionicle Adventures #2 Trial By Fire, Tehutti convinces the group of matoran to fuse into a matoran nui. We never got an official build for it, nor any detailed descriptions. So I did my best with the pieces the 6 are comprised of, and this is the result. Disk launchers being attached are a creative liberty, as is the choice to use Ehrye’s eyes and Nuhrii’s mask. The leftover pieces have been left in their set-built configurations, mostly, so you know what pieces were leftover and which were used. It’s not as complex as you’d think, and I’m positive the images alone are sufficient for anyone wanting to build this for themselves. I will be making instructions later on, for those who would want them. I’ve tried to color block it in a coherent way, with certain colors in opposition to one another. I’ve also included a comparison to Onewa Metru.

Video instructions:

Edits: Mistakes in the text. Added youtube link for build video.


Kongu would be proud.

this looks a little sloppy, but with the metru-toran its hard to do much better.
I say good job!

(edit) I just noticed what you did with the feet and hand pieces in the arm. that’s a great Idea.

Nice. I’ve been on a combo-model making binge lately, but never even thought of using the '04 matoran. It’s nicely done!

Glorious. I’m very impressed that you were able to make this using only the 2004 Matoran.

Much better than many of the official combo models… well done!

Captain America would be utterly destroyed.

I didn’t think a competent build could be made with the 6metrutoran, but you’ve exceeded my expectations. Nice job!