Mazeka Revamp V2

This was originally a completely different moc. However, no one really payed any interest to it so I decided not to waste space on the message boards by making an entirely new topic for another moc I wanted to post. In other words, I edited this old post (about 30 minutes old) to showcase a different moc. This guy is even more tablescrap than the last one, I decided to give him the last one’s weapon, as kinda a staff.

The original post with this moc can be found here Stars Skrall and Mazeka Revamps - #8 by Spartan_0185

Here is the new one: (I added more pictures, I didn’t have enough)

Here is a look at the custom parts of the build.

He can deploy an armor add-on piece (custom built with bricks) that transforms into a bug.

Here he is with the staff.


Build looks good, but I’m really loving the use of the minifig hand on the weapon, really ingenious.

Now I feel bad for changing the moc in this topic, you actually noticed the old one… :frowning:
Do you think I added too many photos?

looks nice although I think you may have a few too many photos

I really like that sword design.

Mazeka definitely isn’t a common revamp target, nice work!

Nice revamp!

That custom torso is just divine. So small and compact! It’s so cool and cute. :smile: