MecGal Chapter 1: Grand Introductions!

Hello there! I’m the narrator. I am here to tell you this story in a funny but interesting way! But what story you ask? The story about Frang and his species of course.

The story starts inside of a tall building. A black and red figure walks down a grand hallway. His name is Frang. He is an Elite comando trained from creation to fight and lead.

“You summoned me, Grandmaster,” Frang says. “Yes I have,” said the grandmaster says as her elite guards stare down Frang. “But why,” says an honored but nervous Frang.
The Grandmaster then stands up from her chair with elegance and anger. “Because! I need you to track down a traitor! A traitor who serves evil! A traitor who serves organic life!”
“But…t…t… who is this traitor,” asks Frang. “Crash is his name. But before you go, I must warn you. Crash has immense physical strength! One of the strongest warriors I’ve ever created.” The Grandmaster’s voice calmer than before. “Latest reports say that he is on the trading outpost Gari on Seri gathering some supplies. And one more thing. Valkyrie Bullets, they will help you put him down immensely.” “Thank you, Grandmaster,” said Frang. “Now hurry,” said the Grandmaster with a flare of rush!

Well that was some exposition… oh right. back to story.
The sun set as Frang left the hallway and ran to his docked ship. Starting up the engine the ship roared to life! Thrusters glowing blue, wings expanding as he took off.

After approximately two hours of flying through space, Frang reached the planet Seri.

Come onnnn… that’s it… What?
You want to end it here for now writer? Fine…

As the Journey Continues!