Meet the Maker: Art Contest Results (BIONICLE Canon Contest #2)

Yes. I can say that my life has been positively impacted by knowing what Artakha and Helryx look like.

That’s how canon works, if you want to look at it like that. If you don’t want to “limit creativity”, just get rid of canon altogether. Then everything is canon-accurate.


And anyone is allowed to retain their preferences. That is a personal matter that no one has any say over. If my preference is that Pohatu wears a Miru, then that’s up to me and no one else.

A few things in response to this.

1: You’re not asking for a chance to decide, you’re asking for another. We had one around 9 months ago and it was overwhelmingly in favor of these contests. Additionally, the numbers have not dwindled. I rarely ever see this consistency in participation in anything. The retention rate for voters and entrants is astonishing.
2: I didn’t say we won’t do the poll. But right now, yes, it’s an if. And it’s an if after we’ve had a greater baseline for how these contests can/will go. The first one was messy. The second one went way better. Way better.
3: We have had these conversations time and time and time again, and the numbers are simply not in favor of stopping. We are going to run a few more and then we’ll come back to this.

I’m not interested in entertaining this conversation any further in this topic. Everyone is welcome to move this particular conversation over here. Any further posts on this subject in this topic will be moved or deleted.


Right handed people can also grab thing with their left hand. Now in BIONICLE universe it seems like everyone is ambidextrous.


I like to think so too, but it’s nice to see it reflected in the media.

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:stuck_out_tongue:Made my brain think of this:

:musical_note:Well, it doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And we’ve all brought parts for MOCing,
And since the voters didn’t go… :notes:


I didn’t know Artakha was Limbo Prime all along. The mask and duster truly captivate his Gentlemen persona. I love how his mask looks like a funny top hat. Artakha definitely looks like someone I would love to go out on a date with.


You could, but I would have no idea. I always just look on ebay.

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Yeah, there’s a person called winfire on ebay, and they have all complete sets for sale. There is a new bunch every week.

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And, we now know what Greg had to say in TTV’s most recent video. His exact words were “Wow, that is gorgeous. Yes, it’s approved.”

Sort of falls short of the “Very Nice” we were all hoping for, but it still works, I guess.


Very happy with this result, one of my top 3 picks tbh. It’s a good blend between being faitful to the moc and taking artistic liberties.

However on a more personal level I would have liked to see something more akin to the comic book style.

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Hopefully the artists of the community can make it happen.


Maybe we can have some of the serials in comic book form if the artists in the community want to do that.


Wow, you know a design is good when it gets Greg to display something resembling enthusiasm. xD


Which one there’re like seven?

I wanted to go with the G2 style since to me this is likely the only time any homage to that era is probably going to make sense as a call back. Anyone else that has a parallel is already canon, so why not go in on Artahka? Here’s hoping though that the generally positive reaction to him will give way to more art even after the buzz around this specific contest dies down.


If anything some fans have come back and are building for the first time in long time. I would not be here if these contest would not have rekindled my interest with bionicle.

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The one from the year Arthaka first appeared or any of the ones he would likely have been in, like 06-09 any of those would have worked.

I like to have thaat homage too but the art style wouldn’t limit that reference, right?

I’m glad Perp went for a style similar to the G2 concept art instead of comic bait. There’s not really a way to mix the two styles without negating at least one.


This is true but for me it would have been enough with a g2 looking g1 mask of creation. Also please don’t get me wrong I still think Perps drawing is great I would have personally would have went with a different art style if I had full control over canon and its depiction of characters.

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I think the style also is incidentally very reminiscent of the “Mata-Nui Saga” artwork, which I think is very fitting for a character like Artakha who was shaping up to be a pretty big player in the post-story.