Meet the Maker: Art Contest Results (BIONICLE Canon Contest #2)

Huge congrats to @Perp3tual (and @Connor_Hoffman, too!)

Super exciting to see, and an entry that totally deserved the win. Well done!

I think the one of the main points of the break is so that they have time to think over the ruleset.


Congrats Perp3tual!

Really didn’t know who was going to win this one. I figured it was between 3,4, and 5, but I sincerely had no idea who would make it out on top. And it’s fun to hear that TTV’s surprised too! Also glad to hear that this went much better on their end as it did on our end. It’s a well-deserved break for them coming up. Enjoy it!


Well deserved win! Congratulations Perpetual!

Disappointing, but fair. Thanks for the response as always

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Aw man, I was really hoping we’d be able to retain the winning MOC’s original mask this time. Still, the winning mask isn’t bad; it’s one of the few artist-designed masks this in the contest that I don’t find ugly. Congrats to the designers of both the MOC and the mask.


Yesssssss, finally, contest results that I can 100% agree with! Congratulations to the winner!


Even though I personally prefer the winning mask, I think @MaskMaker’s design is going to still be a very popular pick for many people (and in the end, it still made it onto BS01 as it rightly deserved to.)


Congratulations, @Perp3tual!:+1:
Your art is flat-out amazing, and I really enjoy the way your style resembles that of the Gen 2 Concept Artbook!:+1:

And thank you, @Eljay, @Mesonak, @Kini_Hawkeye, and all of you wonderful people at TTV who worked so hard to give us these awesome contests!:+1:

And thank you to @LEGOGreg for making all this possible as well!:+1: Cheers to the Stan Lee of Bionicle!:+1::beers:

Here, here!:+1::beers:
Although, personally speaking, now that the Artakha Contest is decided, it’s all downhill for me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Might I inquire as to where one can find the best deals for Bionicle pieces?

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How do you know it was a landslide?

Does the canon differentiate the shades of gold color? I wonder if this art defines the color of the mask as precisely flat dark gold. Because this mask is in flat dark gold, righ?. Did the author stated what color his mask is?

This means canonically Artahka is left handed and I’m all for that!

I know a lot of people I talk to have issues with the chosen winner but I never had them, I think it’s a fantastic pick! Mad congratulations!


I’m not sure how I can describe the various avenues of joy I am currently being pulled down at the moment with this, so I’m gonna keep this one brief. Thank you everyone who took the time to vote for my mask and depiction of green dad as well as the all round compliments and critiques of the guy. The experience from this really pulled me out of my comfort zone artistically as well as on the community interaction side, so I’m glad that people were so open to it.

Shout outs to everyone that entered even if they didn’t make it to the pollings; especially those who took on the daunting task of creating Creation. Even I got stumped for the majority of the month on that mask, so seeing others take the challenge head on. I could tell that everyone really poured a lot of effort into their Artakha (plural clarifier here), and I’m overall really happy to have seen it happen in as real time as I could.

Now its time to figure out where I put all the ruins on his armor. That should come sooner :tm: rather than later, but for those who are waiting on that, I hope you’re understanding of a little delay.

I tried to draw him in an ambiguous gold coloration to give people options on how you wanted to see him. I personally see that mask as Pearl Gold since a lot of this piece was an allusion to the Ekimu AoB cover, but you feel its better off as KK Gold or Flat, I think those are completely valid options.


This is absolutely phenomenal!! Brilliant work and congratulations to Perpetual! And well done to all who participated! :DD

Congratulations Perpetual!

Almost certainly going to get hated on for this, but I’m so glad the winning entry wasn’t KhingK’s mask. Now, before you get your pitchforks, please keep reading.

I like KhingK’s version. It’s really neat. It looks very regal and I would say it’s well-designed. However, it’s so popular and so widely used, and I wanted to see another take on the mask get some recognition. I found myself voting for non-KhingK mask arts more than the opposite (I will say that I voted for every piece of art that made it into the final round at some point though, so I did vote for at least two KhingK mask arts).

This was my top pick of the final round. I’m happy to see it make it to canon.

Now you may get your pitchforks.


Congrats to Perp3tual for winning! :smiley:

Now that the contest is over, I wonder if someone will make a parts pack for that has all the missing pieces needed to finish WombatCombat’s Artahka, with his mask included?

CCBS has finally become part of G1 Canon :smiley:


It’s a great piece of art, congratulations!

Congratulations to the winner!

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There really should be one sooner. After the Hagah contest at the latest. What have we gotten from these contests so far that we couldn’t do without? Is there actually anyone outside of the winners better off than before? Sure, that Artakha artwork is really nice and teh MOC also looks good (which is a drastic inmprovement to Helryx), but did we need them? Henceforth anything that doesn’t look exctly like ther artwork or the MOC will automatically be regarded as not canon. And that still is my key problem with the contests. They limit canon-accurate creativity. And if anything all those discussions in the main contest topic reflect that. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to individual characters and how they should look and be built. So why invalidate anything?

And why refuse giving the community the chance to decide if there should be more contests or not?


The way I see it, even if one’s favorite take on the character didn’t win, people have still been doing MOCs of their own takes on characters with already existing appearances (like the Toa Mata) for years, so feel free to make a customized personal version for yourself if that’s your preference.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m personally really glad that we’ve gotten canon appearances for these two legendary characters, and I look forward to going down the list all the way down to Chiara, Orde, and Zaria, and even beyond to Tridax and Kojol.:slight_smile: :+1:

And #BotarsReplacement🥳