"Meet the Maker" TTV Bionicle Artakha Contest

This is my entrie to the contest. Hope you gus like it.
As Eljay asked, I remove the Paint of the mask, then he is just grey.


Hello there. Nice entry! You’re gonna wanna post this in the LEGO Creations forum, however. I’m not sure if members can directly change the post forum so i’ll @Eljay to assist. Best of luck.

-Solaris Magnus

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I believe you’ll also want to embed the photos here, instead of linking to the album, but I’m not certain. As for the MOC itself, it’s a well executed and classic looking titan. I can see myself voting for this one in the polls.


I’m not sure what you mean

This is amazing! It’s definitely giving me some blumenfranz vibes

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nice job! i can clearly see axonn in this build

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Feet and biceps are very clearly Axonn’s, but apart from that this Moc is incredible.

However, you might want to take a look at this.

It would probably be best to change that mask out.

The mask was printed in Grey, just add some green paint.

Unfortunately I believe the paint job would still be considered non-monotone as the paint does not coat the entire piece

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Listening to the sentence, I just painted in green. I didn’t dye an another colour neither painted a second colour.

That’s not what I’m saying, it is my understanding that TTV defines a monotone paint job as paint covering the entire piece. I may be incorrect in that interpretation but from what I’ve seen I belive thats the case.


Nice job, man. :+1:
Digging the tall stature, grebes, and use of the Silver Mask of Creation. :+1:


I love this one. It’s amazing that it almost only uses G1 pieces


Thank you so much for entering!

Unfortunately, we can’t accept this entry just yet. The mask does break our rule on pieces painted with more than one color. In this case, it is grey and green. We won’t ask you to retake every picture you took, just provide an entry photo with a mask that does not feature two paint colors on it. The grace period will be the next three days.

Thank you!

Hey ! Okay… You will get a single colored mask picture in few hours.

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Hey Eljay, modification are done, hope you like it

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One of the two best ones as for me

Looks good! A surprising amount of detail in his neck & shoulders

Just gonna drop this here.

@REZO-MOCS @Eljay @StudentScissors
If you ask me, his original photo should’ve been just fine.

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Unfortunately, that very specific grey area only applies to official masks (that guy in question was inquiring as to whether he could paint the runes on the official Mask of Creation); in other words, if you want to paint the runes of an official, untouched LEGO piece, by all means! Unfortunately, 3D printed parts, even if they don’t have paint applied by the creator of the MoC, don’t fall under that distinction because they are intrinsically custom and the color of the piece can be selected by those who buy them. Ergo, if you want to paint the runes, that counts as two shades.

TLDR; basically if you buy a 3D printed mask, it counts as a paintjob because you have input in selecting that color. You’re more than welcome to recolor it wholesale after that, but not partially, hence the issue here. I hope that clarifies!