Megatron TLK

I think we can all agree that Megatron looked pretty sick in The Last Knight. And, being a giant silver robot, he seemed feasible to make a MOC of.

“We were brothers once!” (Proceeds to get kicked into the stratosphere)
As you can see, as a result from the source material, he’s kind of bland color-wise. I wasn’t 100% faithful, though. The two most difficult parts were the head and the sword. I tried to replicate the spikes on the end, but it was impossible without making the sword look bad. As for the head, it’s a big lump of heresy, but I really like how it turned out. I’ll probably regret it down the line when I want a skull mask, though… Eh. Anyway, tell me your thoughts! He doesn’t transform, sadly, but let’s be honest, his movie design doesn’t even look like it has vehicle elements, lol.


That’s a great moc mate, the torso armoring is amazing, well done a very good use of silver.

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I like the moc if I font see him as megatron, he is way to skinny to be him

Looks pretty neat! That head is sick!


Thank you! I was sort of worried about how people would recieve the head.

Very nice! The custom mask looks awesome.

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I really am alone in not liking that design.

I can’t decide if I like this moc or not.

On one hand, aside from the awesome mask you made it doesn’t really evoke TLK megatron to me. Maybe because it’s not as thick as he is in the film, I’m not sure.

On the other hand I still think it looks like a cool moc.

Either way, i’d say good job.

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