Melding Alternate Universe Rahkshi Powerset List

Of course there is no official information, so this is completely subjective. That being said, here is a list I made for the powers and appearances for the Melding Alternate Universe Rahkshi/Kraata. The first color set is that of the Rahkshi armor, with the second color set belonging to the Kraata.

In the Melding Alternate Universe, the corrupt Rahkshi powers of the main universe are swapped out for virtuous counterparts. Each Rahkshi is powered by a Kraata, amplifying the abilities of said Kraata. Kraata come in seven stages, with each stage more powerful than the previous.

Telekinesis- Teal, Bright Red/Light Gray Metallic

  • Stage 1: Uses short range abilities to clear away small obstacles.
  • Stage 2: Can throw small objects at a distance or hold down small rahi.
  • Stage 3: Can move medium sized objects or restrain larger beings such as Toa.
  • Stage 4: Abilities on par with that of an experienced great Matatu user.
  • Stage 5: Capable of lifting large objects with ease or creating powerful, short-ranged forcefields.
  • Stage 6: Telekinetic control outclasses even a Toa Nuva of psionics.

Courage- Copper, Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic

  • Stage 1: Known to be ferocious and hard to catch due to a lack of fear and enhanced strength.
  • Stage 2: Can cause weak willed beings to back down from a fight by making eye contact.
  • Stage 3: Holds its ground in even the most terrifying of situations.
  • Stage 4: Short-range aura of courage can help settle the fears of beings around it.
  • Stage 5: Can grant other beings a courageous spirit through touch for a short time.
  • Stage 6: Screech can alleviate practically all fear from a large group of beings.

Creation- Gunmetal, Reddish Gold/Bright Blue

  • Stage 1: Instinctively creates protective huts and makeshift armor out of plant life and stones.
  • Stage 2: Known to live in communities of tough-built structures, and construct traps for defense.
  • Stage 3: Natural talent for metalworking and spacial reasoning.
  • Stage 4: Often used by the Makuta as tacticians for Rahkshi battalions due to their strategic prowess.
  • Stage 5: Can use limited telekinesis to construct objects.
  • Stage 6: Can create objects out of projections of solid energy.

Prosperity- White/Purple, Dark Green/Bright Orange

  • Stage 1: High stamina makes it difficult to catch.
  • Stage 2: Constantly on the move to carry out its tasks.
  • Stage 3: Stores away energy to use in intense bursts of speed and strength.
  • Stage 4: Overflowing energy leaks out in the form of blindingly bright and warm light.
  • Stage 5: Can be used to restore the energy of other beings by touching it.
  • Stage 6: Able to completely restore energy to an exhausted Toa Nuva in an instant.

Faith- Brown/Silver, Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow

  • Stage 1: Instinctive abilities allow it to avoid most traps.
  • Stage 2: Uses perceptiveness to predict the movements of surrounding objects and other beings.
  • Stage 3: Practically impossible to ambush.
  • Stage 4: Slight foresight allows it to see up to a second in advance.
  • Stage 5: Able to slightly alter probabilities.
  • Stage 6: Capable of greatly influencing events to cause improbabilities to occur.

Peace- Orange/Blue, Medium Blue/Black

  • Stage 1: Internal peace gives it a more focused drive to complete its tasks.
  • Stage 2: Often found surrounded by small rahi and insects due to calming touch.
  • Stage 3: Can calm more ferocious and larger beings.
  • Stage 4: Attacks made against it by other living beings are automatically dulled down.
  • Stage 5: Can calm an entire herd of rampaging, large rahi instantly.
  • Stage 6: Almost never seen in conflict as just looking at it can remove most all feelings of anger and strife.

Purity- Pearl White, White/Bright Yellowish Green

  • Stage 1: Very high tolerance to poisonous substances.
  • Stage 2: Natural processes allow it to expel most poisons from its body.
  • Stage 3: Slight mental shielding and ability to disperse illusions.
  • Stage 4: Incinerates most poisons upon contact, creating a refreshing atmosphere around itself.
  • Stage 5: Can remove most poisons from another being rapidly, only strong ailments are left remaining.
  • Stage 6: Complete immunity to any and all physical ailments and mental intrusions.

Stage 7 Kraata have enhanced abilities of its previous stages, as well as being capable of consecrating a mask at a distance. They may take any body shape of its previous stages, but are fully light blue in color. As the Makuta of the Melding Alternate Universe are beings of light, their Kraata can consecrate a mask, providing enhanced focus and mental shielding to the mask user.

If you have any other ideas, I would be glad to read them (even if I’m not capable of being too active nowadays). I hope you enjoyed this list.


This is sad:(


Hmm, well mental shielding seems fitting (OoMN versus BoM, mental shielding versus infected masks), and focus is kinda a nice add on, so yes I like this too!
Telekinesis is kinda too powerfull I think, others are as well balanced as normal Kraata powers are. So Kraata of creation are basically … crafters?


Great idea!

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Not sure what this has to do with creation, but the rest are cool.


I suppose because of their creative thinking they come up with more complex battle plans. It’s a bit of a stretch but it checks out.


I think that could be swapped for something else though; while you can make that stretch, it seems to be only needed to explain one stage, I’d think it might be better to just change the stage description.

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This is pretty cool. I’m kind of surprised no one ever asked about this on any Ask Greg topic.

Although I only recognize Telekinesis, Courage, and Peace, in place of Darkness, Fear, and Anger. What other powers did you replace?

(Also, aren’t Fire Resistance Rahkshi already teal?)

EDIT: They’re “aquamarine”. That still seems fairly similar.


Overall reply by order:

  • And I just joined this past summer, too. But now, even in break time, I can only find time for once every 1-2 weeks. Life is life.
  • Glad you like it.
  • Good to see you understood my reasoning.
  • Telekinesis has almost always been an overpowered ability, no matter what medium it’s in, so I can’t argue with you on this point. Creation power is…

@Nogus101 glad you like it.
@Racie02, @Marzipancutter, and @Nogus101: Yes, creation also has mental creative ability, which ties to strategy and other technical thought. I derived this, as well as the others, from the ability boosts Matoran gained from Kolhii training for the 6 principles derived from Unity, Duty, and Destiny. You can see this in my inclusion for the other powers as well: courage- strength, prosperity- stamina, and peace- focus. I had to change up the abilities of faith and purity as their properties were already associated with other Rahkshi powers. But again, if you wish to contribute I would be glad to read your thoughts on what could make for a better stage description. Happy to receive some active feedback and discussion, thank you.

  • I was surprised too. I thought for sure that I would at least see someone ask about the powers on the “Related Topics” side pop-up while I was writing this, but nothing came up.
  • As discussed above, other than telekinesis, these powers were derived from the 6 principles. As Teridax chose Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk to appose these values, I consider these to be part of the corrupt set of powers.
  • While I do agree that there are a numerous bunch of blues already, teal seems like it would be a natural fit to the color scheme with its presence in previous Technic system sets. I feel that it just didn’t get the love it disserved, I would have much rather seen this than aquamarine. But to be fair to color schemes- aquamarine is a good fit for fire resistance, and teal is a more green form of blue.

I’m happy to see others are interested in this topic. Thanks for your replies.


Clever. Makes sense.

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I could also plausibly see Confusion being a corrupt power. What its counterpart would be? I haven’t a clue.


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As I see it, Clarity would be a vary close mixture of Mind Reading and the mental capabilities of Purity so I wouldn’t back it personally with my own thoughts on its powers, but I suppose I shouldn’t discount the prospect of other ideas that I do not know of yet.


Creation is wildly eclectic here. Not sure if it would benefit from a delimiting; as it is, it’s a little hard to understand exactly what it can’t do or what “Creation” as a power even is. Production of raw material/basic structures/basic items/complex items from thin air is pretty safe and the mental creativeness abilities can be relegated simply to Kraata psychology (like how Guurahk analyse their targets for all weaknesses before striking).

I always thought Faith would manifest as the polar opposite of Fragmentation; powers of adhesion and binding, that is. Holding things that would usually break together, binding enemies to the floor so they cannot move, etc.

Purity having mental shielding and the ability to disperse illusions is odd. I could’ve understood cleaning mental issues like insanity as Axonn did, or trauma, but I feel like mindshielding and truesight are probably better relegated to other fields.

Otherwise excellently written.

Other ideas:

  • Ice Vision instead of Heat Vision
  • Illumination instead of Darkness
  • Night Vision (or something similar—think I headcanoned “aura vision”) in place of Laser Vision

(the aforementioned 3 are pretty direct Light-Shadow power swaps. What is a light sub-power is swapped for a shadow equivalent, and vice versa.)

  • Truth instead of Illusion
  • Telekinesis instead of Confusion (has to do with different ways of exerting the mind)
  • Speed instead of Slow (not much reasoning behind this other than that lethargy is a Shadow power and light-speed is a Light power).

I headcanon that for Makuta sitting in a “balance” or created as beings of neither Shadow nor Light, they do not have the 6 virtues/sins as powers but do have the rest of the Melding+Main powers, e.g. ice vision AND heat vision, darkness AND illumination.


Neat ideas, although I do have a retort. On your comment of not having the virtuous abilities- courage and peace are confirmed. Along with telekinesis, these three make up the only factually known abilities of the Melding Makuta. And, they are beings of light.
Other remarks:

  • Faith having binding abilities seems a little too close to slow, magnetism, or gravity. But, I guess it could also occur from my version of improbable happenings.
  • Purity having mind shielding would stem from a constant cleaning like situation. True, maybe different from pure mind shielding, but effectively the same.
  • Ice vision is neat, and would pair nicely, although I don’t know how to argue that heat vision would be immoral.
  • Darkness → Illumination: considering darkness as being paired with telekinesis puts a small stop in this one, but if it were so that confusion was telekinesis’ immoral compliment, I could see this easily.
  • Night vision seems a little weak, if I’m to be honest. And again, there’s the issue of questioning the immorality of laser vision.
  • Speed instead of slow: dodge already exists as a too-fast-to-catch ability, so it seems rather redundant.

Thanks for the input.


Oh, the virtue comment was a headcanon specifically for timelines where Makuta are neither Light nor Shadow aligned. It has no intersection with the Melding timeline; just for various thought-up timelines where the Makuta are elementless, or possess another element besides Light/Shadow for various reasons.

Faith being binding was simply to make it the pure opposite of fragmentation.

Your explanation of purity “cleaning out impurities” of the mind does make sense. I think that would prevent mind control, maybe not something more surface-level like telepathy.

Darkness is not paired with telekinesis; the only “replacement pairs” we know of are Courage/Fear and Anger/Peace. I figure Darkness was an original Makuta power for use in Kraata and Rahkshi, as they did not have Shadow; stands to reason that Melding Kraata and Rahkshi would have Illumination/Brightness for the same reason.

Heat vision and laser vision weren’t immoral either; they’re (heat and lasers) simply implied to be Light sub-powers—recall a Greg quote where he implied Takanuva could absorb both types of incoming vision attack, were he fast enough. They become somewhat redundant if you have Light powers, though, so I swapped them for corresponding Shadow-related powers: cold and the (presumed elemental passive) of being able to see in the dark.

I assume dark vision is (one of) the Shadow elemental passive(s), hence Mata Nui creating the Makuta race with Shadow “because he knew they would need to deal with Rahi that dwelled in the dark”.

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I can see your idea of alternate universe Makuta, this post was just mainly created with the Melding Alternate universe in mind.

It’s hard to say whether or not darkness and telekinesis are pairs or not. I see telekinesis as being a moral ability coming from a sense of clarity and focus, which I could see being the compliment to either darkness or confusion. That’s why I didn’t dismiss the idea entirely (sorry if my choice for words made it seem so), it’s just not a known concept.

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