Meltdown Revamp


YAAAY MELTDOWN! One of my few favourite HF sets, since it has actual Bionicle-style true yellow pieces. I think you did an awesome job here, and I can definitely tell that it’s Meltdown. Could have done with a slightly more bestial frame, and perhaps some poison tentacles, but nonetheless it seems really really well constructed.


Meltdown… my old friend… you’ve grown…

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Now this is a Meltdown I can take seriously.

Pretty kewl, but could use a bit more yellow, I think.

Very well done

Neat stuff.

whoa, this really shows that any set can be awesome if you make it big enough :heart_eyes:

This is awesome. There aren’t enough Hero Factory revamps. Fantastic job j3re, it looks great! :slight_smile:

Where is the Tentacle?

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he downgraded/upgraded, he is a revamp after all!

######it was a minor plot point in one of the episodes

He scary.

I’m not alone :joy: Very good revamp, my only complaint is that there is no squibbly squid tentacle.

this is freaking awesome

0/10 no tentacle.

Just kidding, this is insanely amazing. I want to see more HF villain revamps, because they were probably the coolest parts of the line!

The day you take me on, Hero, is the day you burn!


Much love for this, Meltdown was always one of my favorite HF villains :smile:

He looks amazing. Jaw officially dropped.

Very good use of the trans. green pieces.

Very nice. Could use a little bit more yellow, maybe on the upper arms.

Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to add something to cover the exposed axles on the claws.

Also x2, do you think that you could maybe post a picture of the back of the MOC?

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