Meme Replies: An Opinion

Recently, a moderator we should all know by now as Waj, was graceful enough to introduce me to a guideline about posting memes on the boards. I had seen some posts that reminded me of JonTron quotes, so I used some Gifs in my reply. Unbeknownst to me, most had been flagged and removed and Waj was nice enough to let me off the hook with a warning. I'm not sure how these warnings work, but within 2 days of being on these boards, I've already got recognized for two offences I was unaware of: double posting and this. If it's a 3 strikes-you're out situation, chances are I'll be kicked from the boards before the end of the month. I've seen a lot of posts over the past couple days here, but I'll be the first to admit that the community guidelines make up very little of the time spent reading these posts. Memes should be perceived as relatively innocent, but Waj is a saint in disguise for enforcing that, and I'd like to personally thank him for cleaning up the boards.

Did anyone come here for stupid memes some schmuck found the on the net? The boards are here for sharing a passion in LEGO, not to be transformed into the next 4chan. It's a feedback-based community, where having a meaning buried in an obscure Jontron quote is not constructive criticism or supportive remarks. The rules state that memes are perceived as spam and become circulated too easily on the incorrect platform, and why this never came to me in the first place, I'll never know.

If you have other reasons for meme replies to continue being removed from the site, or perhaps disagree outright, let me know. This topic is intended for the civil debate of either restricting or allowing meme replies. Do you agree that the moderators are doing a good job and that the TTV staff have created good regulations behind posting memes to the boards?



Double posts are blatantly in the rules.

@Chilly Well I see the topic is off to a great start! Name one set of terms and conditions worth reading or simply as in depth and enforced as the message board's. Is it unfair to assume a newcomer would ignore a good chunk of them? We've all been there, let's not pretend it isn't true. Thank you!

It's in the rule index.

There's even an entire topic


I didn't pick up exactly what you were saying, but Chilly's right: all of the rules are in a very easily accessible location.

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I think the Moderators have been doing an excellent job.


That's their fault tho. What you're saying is synonymous with saying that the speeding driver was innocent because he ignored the speed limit.

Good for you, it's not a three strike situation. it's basically that do it a lot and constantly make small offenses, or a big offense you might be banned for varying amounts of time.

I still will say though, it's your fault for being unaware of the rules. Even though we all might've been there at one point, we're not in the right.


Biased Tomato.


I agree and I think the mods are doing a decent job. I myself am friends with many of them.


Let's be honest tho the term "double posting" is probably confusing to new comers. Thankfully we usually forgive newer users doing it, unless they keep doing so after a few warnings.

As long as you learn from your mistakes you should be OK.


I'm flattered by your comments @TheWaywardWobbuffet, but this whole meme reply deal isn't actually up for debate. It was a rule instigated a while back:

We don't allow memes mainly because they can easily become spam and lag up the site. The topic I've linked to goes into more detail about it.

Since there's nothing to debate, this topic shall be closed. If you're ever unsure of the rules or how things operate on the boards feel free to PM me or any of the mods and we'd be happy to help! :smile:

-- Waj