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Hiya folks, I realize I have quite a few video games in my catalog, I figured I might as well review them, so I'll start off with one of my personal favorite game series (no not Mass Effect @John_Smith, I'll review that later wink)

the Batman Arkham series, so lets start this off

Batman Arkham Asylum
This game starts off with Batman doing the usual, putting Joker away in Arkham Asylum after he broke out and did some bad stuff, until Joker reveals that he's orchestrated a plan to release all of the crazy super villains there, and it's up to Batman to stop him

So this game has a combat system known as "freeflow combat" when you punch someone (or multiple people) 3 times in a row, you can fly around the room unleashing a world of hurt on these psycho's, though it is mainly button mashing one button in order to punch everyone, you have to counter thugs or your combo will stop and Batman will loose health, you also may need to stun certain enemies in order to attack them. But what would Batman be without his gadgets? In mid combat you can use your gadgets, such as throwing a batarang at a guys face.

Stealth is a big part of this game, since Batman doesn't kill, you can't go in guns blazing, but you can bet that the criminals will, and they don't hold back, you have to take them out quickly and silently.

Though you do not only beat up psycho's, but you also solve mysteries around the Asylum, it really brings out the detective side of Batman, as well as running around the Asylum collecting Riddler trophies in order to unlock tapes from the inmates and concept art. The voice cast is top notch in this game, Kevin Conroy is the definitive Batman voice, as well as Mark Hamill's Joker.

This game not only has you up against Joker, but plenty of other villains, from Killer Croc to, my personal favorite, Scarecrow. If there was a villain you thought was missing in this game, chances are, there is a reference to them somewhere as there are a lot of DC easter eggs all around the island. The graphics in this game are great, they're gritty and really set the atmosphere for the Asylum, claustrophobic and incredibly creepy.

In the end I highly recommend Batman Arkham Asylum to any comic book fan, even if you're not one, chances are you'll probably still like it

Batman Arkham City
The city of Gotham has walled off a section of the city and has thrown every single inmate from the Asylum to Blackgate, crazy or not, you're getting thrown in here. This land is the brain child of Doctor Hugo Strange and it is up to Batman to find out what the mysterious "Protocol 10" is and shut Arkham City down

Gameplay is mostly the same from last time, but even more fluid and you have even more gadgets then last time, there is an extra layer of combat where you cannot just simply mash the X button (or whatever the attack button is on other consoles) you have to mix up your tactics. At certain points of the game, you will switch perspectives to Catwoman, who plays almost completely different from Batman, and instead of these parts feeling like they drag on, they are wonderfully executed and welcomed to the story. The boss fights in this game are a mix of amazing, fun and very tense, yet each one is very unique and you cannot do the same things that you did last time.

If there was a villain you thought was missing in Arkham Asylum, well chances are, they're here, Penguin, Two-Face, even the Mad Hatter at one point, along with tons of DC easter eggs that are not restricted to only Batman. Of course the riddler trophies make a return in a big way as there are hundreds of them scattered throughout the city. The side quests in this game are also very fun, from tracking down Deadshot, to answering phones, making sure Zsaaz doesn't kill someone.

The voice cast is, just as good, if not better then the last game, everyone reprises their roles. The graphics here are even better then they were in Asylum, the City is open and not as claustrophobic as the asylum was, you hear the criminals chatting among themselves, talking about mundane things, to complaining about the TV show "Lost" The gliding is incredibly improved in this game as well, you can drop off a building and fold out your cape, flying into the sky in the process, it's a lot of fun.

Stealth is even better then the last one, with more varied classes, some troops may put down mines, or some can see you in the gargoyles above, if you stay up there too long, they'll shoot you down, so you gotta use your wit and gadgets to the fullest

Arkham City is the definitive Batman story, I recommend to anyone who has access to a console, or a PC, even if you're not a comic book fan, there is just so much to do and such a great story behind it.

Batman Arkham Knight
Scarecrow has returned to Gotham and united the super villains to take down the Dark Knight, he has planned to unleash his fear gas on the city,and soon after, the world, joined by the mysterious Arkham Knight, who has a personal vendetta against Batman, and his militia, they will torture the Bat and when there is no man left, they will kill him.

The combat in this game is even better then the last one, there are even more classes, medics, mini gunners, you may end up fighting 20-40 people, it gets quite ridiculous at times, but that just makes it all the more satisfying to win against them. Stealth can be pretty difficult at times, but as long as you use your tactics, gadgets, play smart, and don't just run into a group of guys with guns, you should be fine, there is the new fear take-down where you can take down up to 3 enemies in a single swoop, which can be upgraded to 5. At some points you team up with other Characters such as Robin and Catwoman and you fight together, it's so seamless I wish it was in the game more.

Now along with all the tech you get, there is one more gadget that seems to be the most controversial, it's the Batmobile. The militia attacks you with unmanned drones and tanks, therefor Batman must use the Batmobile to combat and destroy them. Now I personally like it, but it is shoved in your face a little too much at times. You can use the Batmobile for travel around the city, though if you get tired of that, you can launch out of it and shoot 500 ft into the air.

Side quests are very fun, but some of the main villains are relegated to them, which I did not like, you are mainly focused on Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight. Scarecrow's mind games are very great, and the way they show how Batman seems to be slowly loosing his mind is perfect, and Arkham Knight's militia really tests Batman physically. The criminals of the city talk just like they did in Arkham City, but the thing I don't like is how the entire city was evacuated, so only the criminals are left. The voice cast is top notch and perfect for the finale, the riddler trophies make their return and are scattered throughout Gotham, which is five times the size of Arkham City.

In the end, Arkham Knight is a fitting conclusion to the Arkham franchise, but you better keep playing, you don't get the true ending until you truly take back your city and 100% the game. you have to be the Batman.

Next up will be the Mass Effect trilogy


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Do the Smash series.

Let me preface this by saying that I had the extended cut aaand did not play through the original ending of Mass Effect 3, so I did not endure the horrors that where it. Now I will be reviewing, possibly my absolute favorite gaming trilogy (where @John_Smith and @Vuhii)

Mass Effect
It is the year 2183, humans have learned the secret to faster than light travel and mass effect physics and have discovered the Mass Relay network, which lets a ship travel to another point in the galaxy almost instantaneously. Humanity has discovered many alien races and solidified itself in the galactic community. Step into the boots of Commander Shepard, you're job, Stop the rogue Spectre Saren and save the galaxy.

Right from the get go I felt like I was in command of this game, you can choose the gender of you're Commander Shepard and mold the way his or her face looks, mine ended up looking like Grand Moff Tarkin when I tried to customize him, so I just went with normal Shepard. Now this is an action RPG. You're acquiring all this loot throughout the game that it gets quite absurd the amount of stuff you have, and if you love micro managing your armor and weapons, you're gonna have a field day with this. Gameplay is a little clunky here, when you're fighting, it's a third person shooter, weapons start off pretty crappy but as you level up and get more gear they are funner to use and far more effective.

This game has you going all over the galaxy tracking this guy, but not only that, there is an absolute massive amount of side quests you can indulge yourself in and go into uncharted worlds in the galaxy to do these side quests. Now when you go onto the planet you drop from this thing called the Mako, and the Mako is...

something to say the least, it is very hard to control and is always bouncing all over the place, the only advantage it has is it's armor and weaponry, if you can aim properly.

A big thing about Mass Effect is choice, you can shape the way your journey plays out, you will go from point A to point B, but it's really a matter of how you get there, some people may love you (literally) some people may hate you, some people might be dead, some could be alive, and it will stay like that throughout all 3 games, so try not to mess up. The choices you make fill up one of two bars, Paragon or Renegade, you can put points into "charm" and "intimidate" in order to have more dialogue options, and that in turn raises either your paragon or renegade bars.

Where this game really shines is its story, it's fantastic, the voice work is great, the characters are wonderful and memorable (minus the 2 humans in my opinion).

I highly recommend Mass Effect to anyone who enjoys good storytelling, even if you don't like RPG's this should hold your attention.

Mass Effect 2
Human colonies are being abducted and it is your job to assemble a crew and stop this.

So Mass Effect 2 takes everything you loved about the first Mass Effect, and improves it to a massive degree, the graphics, the characters, the story, everything is even bigger and better. So you still have the same mechanics as before, talk to people, get them to like you, but this game, has loyalty missions, which lets you dive deeper into the character and get to know them better. It is a great way to get you to care about these characters in this game, and it's important to care about them because throughout this game, you are constantly being told "this is a suicide mission" and it might as well be, anyone, and everyone can die in the endgame here, so you better do those loyalty missions, and some squadmates, don't like each other, so if you don't have enough paragon or renegade to diffuse the situation, you loose their loyalty and if you loose their loyalty, they'll probably die in the last mission and will not be in Mass Effect 3.

Gameplay here has been incredibly streamlined and it's for the better, if you want a mod on your weapon, pop up the power wheel and put it on, simple as that, non of all this micromanaging stuff. You no longer have charm or intimidation points in this game, you just raise your renegade or paragon bar by playing normally. Combat is no longer clunky and far easier to maintain, you don't look like you're having a casual stroll and then you turn into a distance runner like in ME1. There is less of an exploration aspect sadly though, you are mostly going around the galaxy recruiting folks to attack the bad people.

The crew here, I would say, is even better and more memorable then the last game, and you really get a feel for what they are going through here.

Mass Effect 2 is an amazing sequel to an already amazing game, and you should definitely play it

Mass Effect 3
The reapers have come and you have to rally the galaxy to fight them or they will wipe out everyone.

so Mass Effect 3 is the concluding chapter to the Mass Effect trilogy, you have a few new characters in this game, and in my opinion, they were well handled. Everyone who has been in your squad at least makes a cameo in this game and it's always awesome to see them again. the paragon and renegade bars have been moved into one bar, which I think is a lot better, so no matter what you do that one bar goes up, choice is still a big factor in this game, as in past decisions can lead to the extinction of a species, so you better hope you didn't screw up in the past games. The combat is even better, Shepard feels more agile, even has a new gears of war style melee attack, and gunplay is great.

The conversations you have with your squadmates on the ship when you're not in combat, are excellent, just like the past two games, the voice work is top notch and by the way, Garrus= best squadmate (IMO). Though your squad is much smaller then it was in Mass Effect 2, which I did not like, I think the characters that you're with are still really great ones and help make up for that, plus as I said earlier, the ones from the other games still make a cameo. Now the main point of contention in this game is the ending, now personally, I did not play the original ending and I actually liked the ending I got

Mass Effect 3 wraps up every major plot point in the past games as you unite the galaxy to fight the reapers, it's epic and incredibly tense and I very much recommend it.

If you have not played the Mass Effect series yet and you have access to a console or PC that can do so, what are you doing? why are you reading this? go play it

next up will be Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2


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Another confession...

I love ME2, it's my favorite in the series, but...

Maybe it's just me, but I had no problem getting all my squad mates to survive the Suicide Mission the very first time through (though I did lose the Yeoman and other random crew members). I thought it was disappointingly easy to do after hearing so much about how NOT EVERYONE MAY COME OUT ALIIIIVE and such.

Today in Random Voice-Acting Trivia:

The female Commander Shepherd's voice-actress is Samus from the Metroid Prime games. Yep, every single scream and grunt you hear during your alien-infested adventures is the voice of your favorite possibly-heroic/possibly-downright-rude protagonist from your...other...alien-infested adventures.

This has been Cordak with Random Voice-Acting Trivia.

Yes, I intend to do this for every review.
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so here it is, I've been busy all day, sorry for this being late

Star Wars Battlefront
live out the Star Wars battles of your dreams any way you want to

Pretty good premise, great execution, Star Wars Battlefront has you in the role of a standard trooper of any of the 4 factions, rebels, empire, republic, or CIS, and pits you against the opposing one in epic battles on a variety of maps and planets. though it may have a severe lack of game modes, mainly just galactic conquest and instant action, those game modes are strong and keeps you coming back. Part of the genius of this game is its simplicity, you have 5 classes for every faction, Soldier, Heavy, Pilot, Sniper and special, soldiers are armed with auto-rifles, Heavies with Rockets, Snipers with sniper rifles, and the engineer class is a bit more varied, they have ammo dispensers and repair tools, along with a unique blaster, the clone pilot has an arc caster that shoots electricity, the rebel pilot has a shotgun, the pilot droid was a radiation launcher, and the Imperial pilot has a grenade launcher.

Now along with all that, each faction has a special class, the CIS has the stupidly overpowered Droideka with its twin blasters and almost invincible shield, the Republic has the Jet Trooper who has a jetpack and an EMP launcher, The Rebels have the wookiee smuggler who despite being slow has a one shot weapon that if you charge up becomes a shotgun as well as a grenade launcher, and the empire has the dark trooper, armed with a shotgun and jump jets. each one of the classes is very fun to play as, but I'm sure there is one you'll find fits your play style the most. the gun play in this game, considering the time it was made, is actually not bad, despite the annoyingly large amount of auto aim. Since there are no space battles in the game, it makes up for it by having flying vehicles on the ground like Tie Fighters and X-wings, alongside some of the ground vehicles such as fighter tanks and AT-AT's

Though you cannot play as jedi you see them on the battlefield with you, you'll be gunning down imperials and all of a sudden Luke runs by you and cuts a bunch of them down or you and your fellow troopers will be attacking some droids and Count Dooku comes out of nowhere and murders you all, it's pretty awesome. The graphics in this game are nothing too special, but it does put you in the middle of the star wars universe, the John Williams score and laser sound effects really help immerse you in the galaxy and make you feel like part of the conflict. Now you are always participating in the battle wit a lot of AI, it's just how it is, but the AI in this game is incredibly stupid you'll be shooting them in the head and they will just casually glance over to you and not fire back for a few seconds too long

whether you be fighting through dirt on Geonosis, taking down AT-AT's on Hoth, or raining fire down upon unsuspecting foes in a Tie Fighter, Battlefront is an incrediibly fun game and I recommend picking it up.

Star Wars Battlefront II
Remember the premise of the last one? yeah same thing here, only better.

Battlefront 2 takes everything you loved about Battlefront and gives you even more. You have the same factions as before same classes, with slight tweaks to them, the pilot has been changed to engineer and they all have shotguns, and a new special class added to every faction. The only change to the old special classes from the first game is the Dark Trooper now has an Arc Caster, now the new special classes are, for the Republic the Clone Commander who has a chain gun that works exactly how you think it would, the CIS has the Magna guard, who for some reason doesn't have his awesome staff, and instead has lock on rockets and a mortar launcher, the Empire has the imperial officer who has a grenade launcher and a sucky little sonic blaster, and the Rebels have the Bothan spy who looks like a weird cross between a human and a horse and has a cloak and an incinerator.

there has been a change to movement as in you can sprint now and there is a bar that tells you how much you can sprint and roll. A few maps from the original were taken out and replaced with new ones for their respective planets, for some reason Bespin was removed entirely and put back in a free dlc, a lot more new maps and planets were added however such as Mustafar and Utapau and are very fun to play on. Flying has been taken out of the ground battles but there are still fighter tanks and walkers to use and destroy. Along with all the new planets and classes, Jedi have been made playable in this game, not only Jedi but characters like Han Solo and Boba Fett are also playable on certain maps, playing as these "Hero" characters are very fun as it makes you feel powerful and really feel like you are leading this army of against your enemy.

Along with that, my favorite addition has been added in this game, space battles, waging war above a planet or deep in the middle of space. In these large scale battles, like on the ground, you can fight however want, get a raiding party and take a troop transport into the enemy capital ship and cripple it from the inside, stick to dog fighting, continuously bomb the frigates and capital ships, even man the turrets on your own capital ship to take out opposing fighters. Surprisingly there is a campaign in this game that follows the 501st from the end of the clone wars to the battle of Hoth that is not just conquest but objectives as well. Galactic Conquest has returned here in a big way where you must strategically build up fleets and take the galaxy one planet at a time, it plays kind of like RISK. There are even different game modes in this one like capture the flag, or on of my personal favorites Hunt, where it pits you against the native species of a planet. Note: Wampa's are scary.

Though the AI is not as dumb as it was in the first one, it's still pretty dumb, but at least it fights back now and you have to know when to engage and when to fall back, you can't just run in there like Master Chief and kill everything (unless you're a Jedi) or you could just run in there and take as many of them with you as possible, I like to do that sometimes.

From all the new maps, new classes and just a lot of content in general, Battlefront 2 I feel one-ups the old one by a lot and you should definitely play it no matter what.

lets hope DICE's battlefront will be able to hold the torch and not drop it in the water.