Mini Mechs

I built these mini mechs several years ago after one of my friends showed me a concept of a small minifigure sized mech. To build these, I used pieces from the Rahaga and Atlantis diver helmets, plus other pieces. I also made them so they combine into one giant mech and a snow mobile of sorts.

Constructive criticism is appreciated


Nice but why are the feet so large. (I’d suggest switching to the protector feet.

My only real problems are individual color schemes and the overall color sceme. The colors make them look thrown together. outher than that they’re gr8!

These are very creative but the sword feet are really strange in mech mode (IMO)

@Gwideon I don’t have 6 pairs of protector feet and the large feet are for balance

Pretty creative idea! I like these.

It’s Joseph’s Technicolor mech :stuck_out_tongue:

A good job overall, I say.

The whole thing reminds me of a 70s TV show.

I like the combiner! These are pretty cool, but, if possible, I would make the minifigures less random looking

minifigures can be changed out anytime, they don’t need to stay the same, these were just the ones I had on hand.

Oh! I thought those were actually the ones supposed to go into the machines. Well done, then! Here, have a cookie! :cookie:

Yay, mmm bytey