Missilapede, the Trigger-happy Caterpillar


Made for the 2017 biocup. Round 2 paired me up against Jakobekvall: www.flickr.com/photos/134174077@N06

The theme was weaponized rahi and I went with a catapiller/millipede like creature with rocket launchers for legs.

This little creature will track down prey and kill/incidentally cook it from a safe distance. The creature may accidentally fire a rocket off when approached by a potential mate.





It’s absolutely adorable!

Aww the dude has happy hands. Look at him spreading them all in joy.


I love it, it’s so… bug like.


Very creative!

I love it.

Adorable. I love you

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I absolutely love this. You and Jakobekvall are a really close match, but I think you’ll win

I love it.

what metaphor is this :stuck_out_tongue:


I just love him. And it helps when I see in my head when he fires all of his missile and can’t walk

Now there’s a terrific use of the Av-Matoran jetpack. Parts usage aside, this is a very creative concept overall.

At first, I thought he was kinda’ creepy but now I also find him cute. Love the design and how flexible the body is.

Love the unique flow of the design. I love the head.

So cute, yet so deadly… I love it!

normally I am terrified of centipedes but this I like.

Excellent use of the jetpack for the head.

The only memes here are those you brought yourself.

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