Mobile glitch with the backgrounds

So some times mobile doesn’t have the proper background making it nearly impossible to read in dark spots of the background:

It’s been getting more and more common as of late, and making hard to read or comment on topics. Has anyone else experienced this?


Yup I have, and I’ve been getting around it by going to desktop view whenever it happens.

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Odd, I haven’t had that issue.

Ya it’s becoming a real problem

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Same issue, it seems to happen sporadically. One minute it’s normal and the next it’s broken.


I mostly use the desktop version but I have noticed a glitch where sometimes old background or banner colors return for a few seconds.

Maybe this is the boards briefly showing up as the transition phase background that happened during the civil war?

Yeah I have been having this happen as well.

It was kind of annoying. But I have gotten use to it.

This just popped up yesterday for me. Either that or I haven’t been on one of the forums with a picture. I have a tip for at least dealing with the problem: highlight the text.

I think it’s related to the whole boards change.

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This is the case every time I go to the BIONICLE category since I joined. It’s a bit bothersome.

A simple way to read the text is to highlight it.


For me it’s only on the bionicle catergory, but it always happens there.

Plus I made cameo!

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Hopefully ttv can fix this soon, just a small coding issue in sure.

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this has been happening to me aswell , i think its kinda cool though

It would be cool if the background wasn’t blurry or I could read the comments. The problem is the lack of seeing what others have to say.

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yeah thats true :I

I was just coming here to make a thread about this.

For me, the white background is always transparent on the BIONICLE subforum when viewing on my Windows Phone. (Strangely, it’s fine on my iPad, which presumably uses the same mobile site. Something to do with the screen size, perhaps?)

I’ve had this problem since the message boards were messed around with for the TTV Civil War.
[size=0.5]Naturally, I blame Kahi. :P[/size]


Okay, it happened to me. It’s only the Bionicle topic, though.

It’s actually affected the Ninjago, HF, and Chima categories. Really any category without the default background.


It’s still a problem. I can’t go on mobile anymore, it’s way too tedious to highlight anything I want to read


I’m many on mobile, and just can’t read bionicle topics. This kinda needs to be fixed at some point, cause right now mobile is a pain to work with.