Mobr: Taylon (Tahu) Toa of Fire

Alternate mask:


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What exactly is a MOBR?

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My own Bionicle reboot

The title confuses me. Is this an oc/selfmoc, or is it a Tahu revamp?
It cant really be both.


It has to do with a story I’m creating, sort of a Bionicle reboot type thing. Where while the Toa have their own names, when they become Toa, they adopt the names of the “first” Toa. That being Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, and Onua.

So he’s a cosplayer?

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It’s more of an honor thing.

For more info, Read the backstory here, MOBR (Toa Mata) 2/6complete updated