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So I'm trying to replicate the torso of this character without the shoulder loops, without any success. I tried using 2 Toa Metru chest plates and one of Tahu Stars' gold armor pieces in order to make that "V" shape the torso has when it tapers at the waist but I keep getting stuck designing a custom skeleton to incorporate such a shape.

Anyways, any tips/building methods would be most welcome.

Which character?

Sorry, the link broke I guess.

Maybe do something like that to make the v-shape, with the Stars armor and the Bohrok eye.

Just throwing it out there, if I remove that front armor shape from the image, his body closely resembles a Toa Metru upper body.

For a custom body, you could put the new Bionicle armor clip-ons under his arms to go down the sides of his body.

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anyway maybe this torso design might work?

Hmm...Thanks. Though, I'm looking for something just like that but with a bit more "bulk" and with smaller shoulders, if that makes sense.

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so would you prefer a soft, made out of Mahri tubes type of shoulder? Also, the shoulder spikes of the moc can be splayed out.

Yeah, pretty much a mix between your design and DarkTakanuva's.

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You should leave this stuff to me and Nyran.


Lol, huh?

head for the hills.


So in all the years that I've been MOCing I never was good at making custom torsos, specifically large ones. Does anyone have any tips? Oh, and I also tend to use Inika lower torsos a lot.


The best way is to take a piece of non-torso armor and all the moving parts (neck, arms, waist and legs), then connect them. Other than that, all you need is practice. :smile:

I know that isn't a lot to go on, but that's all I can say without micromanaging your build. Good luck!

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Body frames

This is something experimental I just cooked up. I tried to make it as poseable as possible without sacrificing sturdiness.

Link to the LDD file:

Also edited the previous frame for a smaller figure. Feel free to use it if you want but please give credit.



What about using upper and lower Inika torso parts while also being fairly custom?

@JMP Hey can you send me some close-ups of that figure's torso from different
angles? I really like it and want to draw some inspiration from it

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unfortunately, the MOC was dismantled. @ghost8o has the exact body design, which I've discontinued, but I do have schematics, just not now

its a pretty mediocre body design, I gotta redesign the moc I have with it at one point.

I've started to get into making MOCs, but I have an issue with the CCBS torsos, the shoulders.

Is there a piece that has the shoulders of this, but is the same height as the bigger torso piece that I can't find a picture of. :rage:

No, all the bigger torso parts have the expanded shoulders with ball joints. Sorry.

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