(MOC) Akro

Okie, so, here’s a MOC, it’s actually based upon my GF (Her DA, check it yo, she’s amazing), her OC Akro, and loosely based on a drawing I did that reimagined her OC in the style of a wicked Gynoid robit. cx


Here’s actually a progression of the various iterations of this MOC:




Btw, she can totally do a freakin’ handstand yo!!


Want to build this one IRL so bad, it’s basically a mix of the V2 & V3 versions (sans things like the head, mask, protector mask/chestplate, and Nuva armour butt-plate because those aren’t in LDD. ;~; ) of the MOC because I loved how I did the arms, hands, and legs in that version. ><

UPDATE: Yo, Version 4 is here! And I got rid of the mask torso armour some of y’all were complaining about!



looks really cool

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Thank you!! c:

EDIT: Also, lol, I loooove how the notifications haven’t let me know that about 10 or so actually liked this topic. xP Only got like, one like notification for one person and then the notification of the “Nice Topic” badge. :confused:

Also, what do y’all think of the MOC? Any critiques or anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like this. I dont like v3 however. But they are all gut! Good job!

Awh, V3 & V3.5 are literally my fave versions of the MOC. ;~; Thank you, though. ^^ Also, what’s the issue with V3? Like, what’s ya critique, man? cx

Oh, also, forgot to mention, but like the Gynoid Akro drawing, I’m making this MOC a hoodie to wear. xP

that is awesome i’m making headphones for oops Spoilers

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Lol, sounds easier than sewing a hoodie. xP Hilariously, the other day when looking for purple pieces to incorporate into the MOC (In the classic purple, but that isn’t available in LDD, sadly. ><) I found out there was a Lego cloth hoodie accessory in purple and dangit, I don’t know if it’d fit the MOC but I’m irritated I’m just recently figuring out about it yo. :joy:

they are hard to make i havent made the head yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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True, I was debating making some for this MOC, but wound up not having the pieces for it. >< Looking forward to what you come up with, yo. ^^

Lol, here’s the hoodie part I was talking about: BrickLink - Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures

you know if you make your MOC measure its body size and you can find hoodies that are made for dolls

Yes, but $$$. I’m a broke doofus. :confused: Also, it help me learn sewing, so it’s kinda useful, especially when I start getting into cosplay. xP

or make one from an old sock like how Alieraah did for Junie

I attempted that, and screwed up, and wound up actually making the pattern for the new hoodie out of the screw-up. xP Besides, it’s almost done, I just need to sew on a layer inside and out to tidy it up, and maybe try to find a tiny zipper or something. :stuck_out_tongue: I just gotta stop procrastinating on it,

i made 2 versions of my GF’s OC/ Self MOC and was almost finished the 3rd version till i had to dismantle it

When I get the chance to Bricklink the parts, Imma try to make V3.5 IRL, but as for now, Imma deal with what I got rn. .-. Would love to have this MOC with a 2015 head and a trans-blue Kaukau 2015, but the only way I can do that is to get one of NovusCarpus’s “bootleg” versions. :confused:

Btw, does anyone have any references for how big the LEGO Scala clothing bits are? Because I found out they have leggings and I’ll be banished to Unicron before I know if I can give one of my MOCs leggings. cx


Good luck with that…

Anyways, I love the colors, they contrast very nicely and look very good. The moc doesn’t look bad either, the friction adders sorta mess with the flow of the colors.

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Got a solution yo. xP

Thank you! cx Lol, ya can thank my GF for the colours, as the green, blue, and purple are her favourite colours. xP I agree tho, I really wish LEGO made them in more colours, even if they were just black or silver, that’d be fantastic in helping me solidify the colours. ><

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I like how you make to look good that color skin in the V3.5, good job.

Why thank you! c: Glad ya like it. cx

Pretty cool build. I like V3 the best. It just seems to flow well somehow.
Also, I was surprised to see the lockseed, until I noticed it was you that posted this xD.

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