MOC: Lenuki, Toa of Air + Self-MOC: Bulsik


One of my favorite MOCs.

Here’s Toa Lenuki from the Island of Kona Nui, featuring gappy hips, bad finger articulation, and other great things!
She’s the owner of a noble Miru, but she’d rather have a Kakama. She isn’t very patient, loves flying/floating around with her sword-wings and helping those cute and tiny Matoran. Her thigh bones might be exchanged for lime ones in the future.

Bulsik doesn’t get his own topic because he’s just too small and simple.

Lenuki, holding swords:

Swords stored on back:

Back (I removed the blue half-pins that hold the swords):

You heard me, cute and tiny Matoran; my (favorite and) Self-MOC Bulsik:


Here’s Bulsik again, with his wrench:

Lenuki’s limb armor was unintentionally inspired by 2015 Kopaka’s.

If I’m the first one to come up with Bulsik’s design (which I highly doubt), please credit me if you use it.

Have a good day.


The top portion is ok and the fingers work nicely, however the leg has issues; exposed grey bones from that back and the lower section looks cunky with the feet+2015 armor combo-


I made the legs clunky because I like the cartoon-ish look they give her. I originally had some assemblies for the back of the legs, but those were just too unstable for my tastes and also broke the color scheme with black tires and rubber bands.
Working on that as soon as possible.

Besides that, thanks for the Feedback.

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Lenuki is a bit basic, but he works for what he is. I can’t help but love Bulsik though, you don’t see many tiny matoran SM’s.


The feet are a bit stubby, and the torso is kinda thin. However, I think for the most part, he looks nice.

That’s is really cool. I enjoy building simple Mocs, and am just now working on more advanced techniques.

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He’d be better if he had some back coverage, very nice though

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Absolutely love Bulsik. He’s adorable. Especially in that interaction scene.

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The tiny feet look a tad odd, but the design is still very effective. I especially like the torso.

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The very thin, tapered midsection is a bit of a problem, but I like the rest of it. Keep up the good work! and let me know if Bulsik breaks any more limbs. :stuck_out_tongue:

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She looks pretty nice! The design is basic, but pretty clean; I can tell what color correlates to what texture very easily and that’s a huge plus in my eyes.

Also, it’s not often that you see those lime paw parts, so they’re certainly a welcome addition.

I think my only major gripe here is that the neck looks almost nonexistent. Perhaps if you found a way to move the base of it up a peg her proportions would look much more believable. Also, have you tried putting small tires around the thin bits on those hordika necks that you used for her waist? I think if you’re able to do so without them hindering articulation, that whole area would look a lot more finished.

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Not with those proportions, looks like a motu fig from the 80’s m8.

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I didn’t know about those, but I certainly had something like them in mind. The shoulders are the way they are… because I liked it. I’ll post some more “modest” versions of Lenuki soon.
The neck isn’t there because the armor is supposed to look really big (and I can’t figure out a good way to make it longer, but don’t tell that to anybody). The huge Miru also does its part. I tried the tires. They slightly hindered leg articulation, but the worst thing about them was that they shamelessly broke the color scheme.

The easiest solution that comes to mind is one of these

(the grey thing, not that bone :stuck_out_tongue:)

Although then the neck may become too long.

If not that, then you’d have to mess with the main structure of the torso. That may sound daunting, but I think it would make the proportions come off way better. Or, if it doesn’t bother you, you can just leave it as is.

More so than the hands? You’re probably right, but I kinda want to see how it looks.

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The thing is that I could change the hands (not right now, I don’t have my parts neaby); but you will recieve your Hip-Tires™. Along with the less blown up shoulders for @Payinku.
Bad news regarding the tires and the original model in general. Driven by the idea to extend the torso, I took almost everything apart and started anew. She’s gonna be like a head taller, but I might actually use tires, to an extend. I probably feel much worse about this than you do. :confounded: I also still have a picture with very bad lighting that shows her with tires and more modest proportions in general, so that might show up somewhere.

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