MOC Spotlight: Video Game Challenge!

Hey guys! In the latest M.O.C. Spotlight, I announced yet another M.O.C. Challenge inspired by the creation I reviewed.

As I explained in the video, participants are challenged to build something that combines any BIONICLE character/thing with any video game character/thing.

I will be selecting the winning creation personally based on what I find to be the most interesting. The winner's creation will then be featured on an upcoming M.O.C. Spotlight, essentially wrapping up the show for the rest of 2015.

This is essentially a contest, and all entries MUST BE POSTED IN THIS TOPIC in order to be eligible. You may create your own topic on the boards to receive feedback from other members as per usual, but I will only be looking at the creation if it is posted in this topic.

The contest will end on December 23rd @11:59 PM EST.

Good luck, guys! Give it your best, and get creative with it.

It is a challenge after all.


If only LDD updated 2015 parts right now...

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Man, I wish if I could make a moc for this, shame I have some quite limited parts.


Oh hey a new contest. Announced by video? Maybe I should take a look. If they allow old creations maybe I can enter my old Protector of Rapture.

*Goes to channel


Is that... no, I must be seeing things. That MOC is way too old.

*Clicks video

And yet it is. Thanks @Venom for spotlighting my first board MOC. Gotta be honest I'm a little embarrassed seeing it now because it's so old! that was my second Bio-MOC after my mini-dark age. I used really rudimentary stuff like those ridiculous fingers and those foot supports.

I look forward to the contest! I'll be sure to whip up an entry.

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12 days of Christmas; challenge excepted. Nearly finished a lower arm.

I probably won't be the only one with this idea but who cares?

Time to pull out the ol' Makurio and Hukigi idea.

can we enter multiple times?

Oooh yes this is going to be fun.

Oh goodie I just finished a revamp of one of my mocs too!

One creation per person. =P

ok, thank you. now to come up with something xd.

Hey ven bud! Quick question, ive just finished a moc heavily influenced by the character knight artorias from dark souls, however its not a mix between him and a existing bionicle. SO, my question is does it HAVE to be a mix between a game and bionicle character? Thanks!

Sorry for double posting; but do they characters have to be the same gender?(ex; kopaka or nuju as tales of vesperia Judith in her white dragon rider armor.)

Thank you. Just thought if that after I started on mine.

I have an idea I think is pretty interesting! I'll see what I can do! :smile:

Yup, it HAS to be combined with an existing BIONICLE character/entity. And no, gender does not matter. You could make Super Gali Bros and I would be totally fine with that.


Cool thanks man. I'll still upload my moc. To make it interesting can anyone give me a random bionicle for me to use? Spent an hour looking at my mask collection and couldn't decide haha 😆

This is my Bionicle Moc of Rathalos a flying Wivern from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and whats a monster with out some hunters so in the picture I added in 4 hunters. (Or should I say Protectors from my own Bionicle story I'm wrighting)
The story behind this is that I wanted to make a creature from Monster Hunter and so I whent with Rathalos, this was made about 2 weeks ago, so you making this challenge was perfect for me to post him.
Dont think any one so far has made a MH4U Bionicle Moc and so I wanted to be the first to do so, this Moc is meent to go up on my youtube channel some time in the following weeks.
Edit: From the front

And here is one infront of my Laptop. Was not easy to get it to stand on one leg.

Finally here is a picture of who Rathalos is and how he looks like + what game version I based this one of.


This is funny, because I did a Bionicle/Video Game mash-up character, and I didn't know this contest existed. I'll enter, 'cause why not.


I'd participate if I had more parts and my MOCing technique was better.

I really like the concept though. I have always loved crossovers.