MOCs by Willess12

So, supposedly, the new armor piece is being spammed on Mocs. I decided to literally cover a Moc with them.
I call it: the Okotoan worm!

side view

obligatory back shop.

It actually look pretty good, but it is very weakly built. Any thoughts?
So, I challenged myself to make a moc entirely of CCBS. I didn't exactly mean for it to be a green, black, and red Aons, but that's how it turned out.

side view.

Next, I was inspired by @Jowm's Cordak Nui. I showed it to mom, and she said "why can't you build something like that?"

So I made this.

I didn't need to sacrifice poseability for stability, either. This thing will stand up on its own, and it can be posed.

He can even be in action poses like this one.

And this pose shows off his poseability (he won't stay up like this on his own, I cheated and used the wall)

Back view:

And, of course, the obligatory face close-up.

Coming soon: a MOC even bigger than this guy.


So... many... pistons...

But not bad overall, I suppose; just kind of weird. Makes for a good joke MOC, no offense.

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I can't decide if it does look like a worm, or a titan's leg :/

4 Likes probably would've been better if at least one shot had it lying down and stretched out.


Um, what is it supposed to be without the add-ons? XD

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From the front view it looks like brutaka riding a hover cycle.


The world makes sense again...

W-w-w-what is it...

This is from a meme that should still be on the memes page, even though it's closed. The text is fitting for here.

"Did someone say ARMOR CLIP-ONS?"


Well, that's kinda what it was. I plan to post serious mocs, but I had pics of this thing already.

I don't think it can stretch out.

Huh, I don't know why I never thought of that.

Ironically, I made this before that meme was made, and had the idea to do it before that Moc was made.

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I cannot tell what I am looking at. stuck_out_tongue

I assumed he could because...well...he's a worm. Huh, guess I'll have to go with @Corex11 on how he's pretty much a titan's leg, which this actually wouldn't be a bad design for...


So, every once in a while, I sit down in my room and start putting pieces together. Generally, nightmares result. However, occasionally, I make something good.

This is the Armored Okotoan Night Stalker, or Aons for short (same singular and plural).

This thing is armored all over, and has no gaps in its armor of significant size--except one.

The only gap in the armor is at the base of the tail. The Aons' only natural enemy is venomous serpents, who can hit this gap and inject venom.

Aand a close-up of the head. Edit: I just noticed the rooster sneaking up on him in this pic.

So, any thoughts?




Legs look a bit too small, honestly, but it's an interesting design!

is the most of that part
I have seen on a single MOC

Which part? (The chicken?)

The one in the OP

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Yeah, the Okotoan Worm.

(I just noticed both of my current Mocs have Okotoan in their name)

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Ah, gotcha.