Mojang bought out by Microsoft

So today, it was confirmed that the video game company Mojang, best known for developing Minecraft, has been bought out by Microsoft. This could mean several things, and I thought it would be cool to discuss them here.



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Brace yourselves friends. Change is coming.


I'm scared for what they might do next. I mean, I hope they still put out regular snapshots, and continue in the direction they were heading, with all their games.

Same. If they pull a Rare, I swear...

You swear what?
You'll switch to mac?
We're basically screwed if they do decide to do that.


(sigh) I'll go along with it...


Is it really %100 true. because today at lunch i told my friends that if Microsoft does buy Minecraft that Microsoft should jump off a cliff.

It's real. Check out Mojang's website.

It happened

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Checked the website.....I have no comment.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't really trust Microsoft to make the correct choices with Minecraft...

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Say goodbye to legal mods.


And Minecraft YouTube videos.

The Minecraft community is about to vanish, isn't it?

"Yup." -Mesonak, 2014


First Oculus, now Mojang....

Now Google will buy out Mega Blox, and Apple will buy out Lego.

Eljay is a prophet open_mouth


Also one of my Friends is concerned about the possibility of have to pay to change your skin....if that does happen.....I'm done.....

As much as I highly doubt that would happen, I think you speak for all of us in the regard of being 'done'.

Chances are things will remain virtually the same... though I'm guessing they will start charging to use realms (Which wont affect 99% of players as most people use servers)

Though we could see the option where they charge for updates... but I doubt they'd do that.

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