Monster Hunter Bionicle Rathalos

what happens when Monster hunter cross over with Bionicle?
Here is the awnser Rathalos take’s the stage

And as there is a monster we also need hunters.

Please ignore the red hunters sholder blaster :smile:

and here we have him sleeping

And one’s again cant really have a monster with out the hunters.

And here are some picture’s of him taking on a more dragon like form (Kinda sorta)

And now lets take a look at how he would have looked like as a bionicle character (with out mask + 1 picture with a mask on)

Finally some more picture’s of Rathalos in dragon mode + a size comparision to a protector, and at the end some picture’s with added speach bubble’s from the hunters :slight_smile:

And here are 2 picture’s of the hunters talking, oh and I’m Kazuma ^^


I love Monster Hunter. I love the design of the little hunters, and the Rathalos in monster form looks good. But the other forms just look weird to me.

But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

Yeah after changing it into the dragon mode and Toa/Titan mode I thought so as well after looking at the photo’s but desided to share them any way, :slight_smile:

Horrendous picture quality, but great MOC.

Yeah I know, but nothing I can do as I use my phone to take the photo’s, I did try and get better light at least by waiting untill it got dark outside to take the photo’s