Most Anticipated Games of 2015

So with 2014 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to turn our attention to 2015 and all the glorious things it holds in store for us. Here’s a place for the short list of games you’re looking forward to the most in 2015.

(Try to keep it limited to games we actually know are in development and are believed to be coming in 2015)

What MT is looking forward to…

MGS V: Phantom Pain: Despite Ground Zeroes criminally short length, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I wish it had been a bit harder (or, alternatively, just let us access hard mode from the start instead of locking it off for some arbitrary reason), but it still had solid core gameplay and that transitioning over to the open world and an actual full game with a fleshed out base building mechanic is certainly worth getting excited over.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (The Re-Revelation?): Revelations was the only good Resident Evil game since RE4, in large part to it being the only Resident Evil game that remembered it was about atmosphere and actual tense survival horror as opposed to killing enough people from underdeveloped countries to embarrass Infinity Ward. What I like about Revelations 2, though, is the protagonist. Chris Redfield and his massively inflated arms are nowhere to be found, and the main character is rather his sister (I believe), Claire, who is considerably less well equipped and trained, which would suggest that perhaps there is some actual tension to be found here.

Fire Emblem: Rumored to be released in 2015, no confirmation so this one’s a bit more shaky. Perhaps I’m breaking my own rule about being excited for sequels considering how little we know about this one, but if this is even half as good as Awakening it’ll still be worth playing. Basically this just excites me because Awakening was really, really good. That said, past history is no guarantee of future success, which brings me to…

Zelda…U?: So it’ll have been a full 12 years since the last good console Zelda game released when this one comes out. After Wind Waker mixed up the standard Zelda formula by pulling out a huge open world, a simple but well done story, and a fantastic sense of being an explorer, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword proceeded to forget all about mixing up the formula and exploring in general respectively. Mostly I’m interested in this game because I want to see if a big, AAA Nintendo franchise can even take risks anymore. Smaller Nintendo games like Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus have done their fair share of innovating as of late (with mixed results admittedly), but no major console Nintendo release has really done much to stand out since Other M. Which, come to think of it, may be why Nintendo’s been playing it so safe recently. Basically this intrigues me because I want to see whether Nintendo is really going out on a limb with this re-dedication to exploration, or if this open world is just all fluff with the same, tired Zelda formula copy-pasted over it.

Star Fox: Admittedly, shouldn’t really be excited for this either…but it’s Star Fox. Even if it was basically SF 64 all over again I’d be excited…and come to think of it considering the more recent Star Fox titles that might be the best.

Assassin’s Creed: Victory: I honestly don’t have any desire to play this…I’m really just interested in seeing if Ubisoft is really stupid enough to release another AC game just a year after the absolute mess that was Unity.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Again, not really interested in playing it, I’m just rooting for Nathan Drake to die.

Splatoon: Hey, look, a game I actually do want to play. Though if Nintendo can’t do better with the internet than they did with Smash Bros, this is going to be a short stay.

All I can think of at the moment. What’s got you excited for 2015?



You forgot the most anticipated game of the year.

Batman: Arkham Knight.


I have no up to date consoles so I’m looking forward to no games…


Honestly, I’m not all that hyped about Arkham Knight. Batman gameplay has sort of been going downhill since Asylum, and it seems like all anyone can think to do to improve Batman is make the world bigger and find stupider ways to introduce the Joker. Nothing about Knight really strikes me as a step forward, so I’m not expecting much from it.


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:open_mouth: A new Star Fox? explodes from too much hype Also to add to the list, Cyan’s new game Obduction is coming out on PC/MAC this year.

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No Man’s Sky. The game I couldn’t even hope to play on this piece of garbage computer.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Mass Effect 4, Shroud of the Avatar, Pillars of Eternity, and last but not least, Torment: Tides of Numenera. Maybe also Fallout 4 on the off-chance that it comes out this year.

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A sequel for TWEWY.
My dream of Gamefreak announcement they won’t make more Pokemon games.
Any Nintendo game that doesn’t have Mario or Link in them.

Is Zulda
Is Zulda
Is Zulda
Is Splaton
Seriously, though, those are pretty much the games I really want to play. Like right now.

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I’m most excited for Mighty No. 9. Hearing that Inafune-san was making a new game inspired by the Megaman series was enough to alleviate the lack of new titles in the franchise :smile:


Halo 5 Guardians.
Peace amongst everybody then comes something new… I nominate 4728 to kill them.


You sir, speak the truth.



I’m not really interested in many games, so I am not much anticipating many games.

Assassin’s Creed: Victory is pretty much the only game I’m looking forward to. I would hope Ubisoft learned a lesson form Unity and are now really going over Victory to make sure it actually works when they release it. Besides, it is being done by Ubisoft Quebec.

I just… really hope it is good. I love the Victorian Era, and I’d love to see ACV be a great game with a likable character and interesting story (that actually takes cues from its surroundings).

But to be completely honest, whether it is good or bad, I probably won’t buy it for a while. I’ve been spoiled, buy games for $15 or $20 on Steam. $60 is a bit much for any game.


Halo 5: Guardians looks to be really awesome (I loved what I saw of the Beta).

Dice’s Battlefront… well, it’s freaking Battlefront! What Star Wars fan wouldn’t be exited for it? I’m really hoping at for least minimal Clone Wars-era content. Not a full campaign by any means, just some Instant Action-style options. Heck, I’d almost be content with a reskinned Galactic Civil War gametype.


I don’t know of any games

would be nice if you know, they took away the stupid Abstergo plot that no one cares about

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Or if they made it interesting/relevant.

Only Halo 5 thing I’m against is the Rocket Launcher(not as intimidating as the other). Everything else is pretty amazing.

I wait with abated breath to see just how good these games are. I have a ps4, so I guess I can do some of these games…

Kingdom hearts 3
it will probably come out the year after
But this is one of the only games I am really hyped for.