Motari, Matoran of Motara [Characters][Art][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

Additionally, the following characters are from @Gresh113’s Matoran Ideas thread, with all images by @Noupix. This thread is to help organize the Matoran into their regions, as well as track who would interact with whom.


Hafu: Merchant King, specializes in delicate goods; cousin of Hewkii.

Dune (@Noupix original): Motaran Elite Guard commander; optimistic and kind, but has realistic expectations about protecting civilians.

Pekka (@Noupix original): Motaran Elite Guard; short-tempered and zealous; seeks vengeance for her family against Dekar.

Kodan (@Noupix original): Motaran Elite Guard; peacekeeper between Dune and Pekka.

Rocka (Hero Factory): vigilante; enemy of Dekar and his inquisitors; friend of Dune, Pekka and Kodan.

Nex (Hero Factory): engineer; friend and associate of Rocka.

Hewkii: koli champion; teammate of Nilkuu.

Velika: enigmatic Merchant King; speaks in riddles.

Dekar: Rahi hunter/tamer; bounty hunter; right hand of Velika.

##Nuparu’s Traveling Tinkering Venue
Nuparu: exiled Tiroan engineer/inventor/tinker; daughter of Runa.

Malos (@Noupix original): orphaned thief. Fearless. Skilled in stealth. Seasoned brawler. Brother of Sonna.

Sonna (@Noupix original): orphaned thief. Energetic but thoughtful. Master of stealth. Seasoned knife fighter. Sister of Malos.


I’m proud to be a Motaran Matoran.

And is it just me, or does Dekar’s mask markings look like Captain Rex’s Jaig Eyes?


I just noticed that, lol

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That is because they are


These are fantastic! My favorites are the bottom three. Nice uses of cloth elements.

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I don’t quite like Hewkii and Dekar’s masks.

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##The Nuparu Update

Everyone’s favorite Tiroan tinker has made her move to the sands of Motara, now featuring two new companions, Malos and Sonna. Twins, orphans, and thieves, these two help with Nuparu’s tinkering wants and needs by any means.

Thanks to @Noupix for the images and additions!


Nuparu (tiro) doesn’t really fit here too good. Could you put her (tiro) into the tiro topic and leave the repainted here? Otherwise, I really like how this character lists look.

The post above had the same text.


Got it


Velika and Hafu are both kings?

You’ve read it right.

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You’ve missed a lot of podcasts I take it? I noticed you had a few questions like this on other posts.

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Before Brickonicle I never listened a podcast. I understood what it was after the contest. When it comes of podcasts, I am at the weapon discussion.

I like your use of hero factory characters particularly Breez Nex and Rocka