movies you don't get the hype for

Have you ever seen a movie and just thought “That’s it? THAT’S what the hype was about?” not necessarily that you thought the movie was bad, but that you just didn’t get it

For me this has to be Dune. nothing against the movie, but i just couldn’t get into it.

I’m curious what the rest of you think of as a movie you “didn’t get”, so i thought i’d make this topic.


Pitch Perfect series

I think they’re all objectively talented vocalists but the experience overall didn’t resonate with me in any way


Aca-scuse me?


Everything Everywhere All At Once had some parts I liked, but to me it was lackluster overall


Honestly based :sunglasses:


I was about to disagree with you on this, but, honestly, fair

I really liked the movie myself, I think it does a lot of things very creatively and the performances are great, but it’s a movie that’s very much not for everyone. I can absolutely see how you can dislike it, given how unconventional everything about it is

I personally don’t see the appeal of Nolan’s Tenet. Everything about it seemed so… unremarkable when I watched it. The characters are barely charactering, the plot is barely plotting and the main gimmick doesn’t seem nearly as clever as everyone makes it out to be. I generally like Nolan’s works, but I think he really dropped the ball with this one however he immediately redeemed himself with Oppenheimer, so there’s that


Christopher Nolan when all he has to do is stop making ideas that don’t work and instead just make a movie about doctor murderdeathbomb when his murderdeathbomb murders and deaths and bombs (unlike the movie)

It was also Cillian Murphy’s first Nolan movie where he doesn’t wear a bag on his head :smirk:


In terms of movies, the entirety of Star Wars. They’re alright, just not as good as people make them seem to be.


Star Wars, Dune, basically every Marvel movie (except for a single Captain America movie)


Toby Maguire’ s Spiderman 2. Definitely my least favorite of the three, and certainly the most forgettable in my mind. Say what you will about Spiderman 3, but I’m not gonna forget emo Peter Parker pointing finger guns at random people on the street.

There were characters in that movie?/s


You put the /s in there, but it’s a completely fair statement. Calling them characters would be a big stretch :smirk:


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For me, it would probably have to be Barbie.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand and recognize its cultural significance, and I’m all for its messages. I don’t have a problem with it on any level.

But I simply did not and do not hold any interest whatsoever in seeing it. I don’t have any significant interest or nostalgia for the Barbie IP, I’m not particularly a fan of Margo Robbie or Ryan Gosling.

I think what the movie set out to do was very clever and thought-provoking, but I feel a bit off-put by the commoditization and sensationalizing behind it. I feel like respecting women and respecting oneself should be a societal norm, not something that needs such a hyped-up cultural phenomenon hit that also relies upon capitalism to succeed.


I agree. It feels weird when having reasonable moral standards is promoted through a brand that represents at least as many of capitalism’s faults as it does anything else.

On a similar note: most live-action cartoon adaptations. Every time I’ve seen ads for SpongeBob or Scooby-Doo movies, they always seem like worse versions of the cartoons that inspired them, especially when they have either very banal plots (read: 2-hour cartoon episode) or a plot that makes no sense (Scooby-Doo being an alien. Yes, that’s an actual thing in Warner Bros. movies.) Honestly, it just seems wrong how many movies in this genre are made specifically to milk popular cartoons and comic strips using nostalgia and popularity.


Hotter take, I think Spider-Man 1 is better than 2. But, I think saying 2 is forgettable is just, uh… well, I don’t know how you could forget such iconic scenes such as the train fight, the elevator scene, the “Power of the Sun in the Palm of my Hand”. Maybe the plot could be better, but it is a very quotable and enjoyable film.

When was he in Scooby Doo? Did I miss something?

As for movies I don’t understand the hype for, Disney’s adaption of The Black Cauldron. I have folks tell me it is an underrated masterpiece. However, I have read the Prydain books the movie is based off of. The film is a mess and disrespectful to the source material. Even on it’s own, I likely would not enjoy it because of some horrendously cringy scenes, and how it feels the need to copy other dark fantasy works on the day.

The thing is, though Prydain has elements of dark fantasy in it, I’d call it a lighter fantasy overall because it is not overly cynical with it’s themes. The film betrays that.

Another pick: Universal Studio’s 1931 Dracula film. I watched it along with Frankenstein and the Wolfman some years ago. Out of the three films, it was by far the weakest of the films. The only things saving the movie are Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Edward van Sloan as Van Helsing. Otherwise the film has not aged well, it’s not scary like the other two films, and there are some laughably bad scenes (particularly the rubber bat on a string). It is a shame because it was Lugosi’s most iconic role.

(If you want to know my favorite of the three horror flicks there, the Wolfman is by far the best.)



The Fred man himself.


I am afraid that is not Ryan Gosling. That’s Freddie Prinze Jr.


Probably a broken record saying this, but I still do not understand why people were so hyped for The Snyder Cut. Snyder’s reputation as a director was already becoming polarized at best yet everyone tried to tell me I was just “anti-DC” because I didn’t want to see yet another movie from him.


Snyderbros are the worst man


I do think his movies are better without studio interference of any significant sort, but I don’t think that makes his version particularly great, it just makes the studio version more significantly bad


I’ve heard it eloquently put that Snyder works best as a Director For Hire, when he’s directing someone else’s movie and is able to flex his cinematographic muscle with the close eye of a producer. It’s where his work shines the most, as he absolutely understands visuals.

However, when he’s handed the reigns, or tries to go it alone, it almost always produces garbage. Even the best creatives can get lost in the weeds with nobody to bounce ideas off of and check things by.