Muaka Revamp with Original Gimmicks

Ok, aim of this was to build a large poseable Muaka that still retained the aesthetic and more importantly the functions of the original Muaka.

There are a few things I would have like to make closer to the original but would require having the original.

sorry the pictures aren't better, phone couldn't focus on all the layers of TECHNIC parts

Oh and what would I be doing on the TTV boars with a Muaka and not throw this in.



gr8/8, -ign


Finally, a Muaka revamp that keeps the tank-tread-back-legs.
* looks closer *
As well as throws in some more tank-tread-detailing in other places. Cool.

Also, nice distribution of all that yellow, and those eyes are excellent.

If I had to list one complaint, it would be that the back legs seem to...

What's the word...
"Overpower" or "dominate" or maybe "outshine" seem to fit decently well...

As I was saying, the back legs seem to [insert one of the above words here] the rest of the MOC, as if they were made for a larger or perhaps bipedal creature. Now they are by no means bad, but they seem a little disproportionate compared to the rest of the MOC.


I see where you're coming from, though they have a purpose being that huge.

  1. they keep the weight at the back so the massive head doesn't cause it to fall forward.

  2. to accommodate the thickness of the treads and allow them to still roll.


he looks lil messy, but he's very nice!

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Lookin' good, lookin' real good!
By far my favorite Muaka revamp.


Very nice! I would have to agree that the back legs overpower the look of the MOC, but that's my only complaint. Great work.

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The colours and smoothness of the head and neck are amazingly designed. I wish that smoothness could be also added to the mess of technic that is the body, should probably use technic small panels to cover things up...I also like how the treads can separate and splay out like actual legs.

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The only reason the body is like that is any more panels would hinder the extending neck, though yes I can see what you mean.

hmm, I'll look into something system based as a solution.


It's... It's (sheds single tear) BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
cough um yeah. Cool Moc!
I'm a bit of a sucker for 2001 Rahi revamps and the like, especially when they keep the technic-y aspect, probably a nostalgia thing.
And the fact you still have the function makes it even better!
Anyways, my one critic is the back legs, upper area. It's a little messy, and I know it's hard with technic to keep it clean looking, but you seem clever, I'm sure you can think of something!
And again, this is a create revamp moc! Keep on building!


very nice, now get it to eat a meso :stuck_out_tongue:

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"Yes, I am a Time Traveling Muaka. But, for the last time, I AM NOT A TIMELORD!"


I like this revamp!


It looks like a muaka has fused with a bulldozer.
Looks awsome

Sounds about right given it's made from a bulldozer :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that you actually gave it back legs :smile:

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Here, kitty kitty. Please don't eat me, really big metal-eating kitty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great MOC! I love how you captured a lot of the original aesthetic and functions while fixing many of the original's flaws. The only things that bother me are the ears; their shape is good, but I feel like they should be oriented differently.


Thank you and I'm not entirely happy with the ears either, there may be a few minor tweaks coming.

The rear legs seem very cluttered, but I like this very much.



compared to the rest of the body I feel that the arms are to small/skiny