My artwork for Artakha's contest (Bionicle Canon Contest #2: Meet The Maker, Part 2 (Art))

This is my submission for the Artakha contest!

I tried to keep color scheme and proportions of the winner MOC, while adding my own details.

First of all, he is based on Asian culture, more precisely, stone statues of dragons or Foo. This is especially noticeable with the Mask of Creation.
Characters from the Matoran alphabet and self-made letters were used as runes (To indicate the extraordinary origin of Artakha, different from the Toa, Matoran and other inhabitants of the Matoran universe.)

Thank you for watching!


Are you concerned about being DQ’d for deviating from the MOC?

The extreme stylization could maybe be acceptable, but the MOC does not have gold, or a tail.


It looks more like an eldritch creature than a forger, in my opinion.


While I do think that this is a positively rad piece of art…I don’t seen how this resembles Connor’s Artahka. The large amount of gold and the tail especially seem like grounds for a DQ.

You’ve certainly captured the ancient, time-before-time vibe, just not as a being that truly resembles Artahka, in my opinion.


I’m not sure but, do mask can have different colors in the artwork, or it should be a solid one (independently of the color)?

Neat design, very Eldritch.

I am 99% sure that the mask can be multiple colours in the Art, and those colours can be any colours.

This looks almost nothing like the original moc.


I agree, it is a cool drawing and concept but does not resemble the original moc.


Scared the living Avohkah out of me when he blinked. :stuck_out_tongue:

To all the people saying this doesn’t resemble the original/is grounds for a DQ - go back and look over the Helryx contest, which had way more styllised entries than this.

It adds some small gold highlights, cloth, and a tail. The rest of it is very clearly a depiction of the winning build, albeit styllised. The colour balance is in all the appropriate places, and while the exact shaping of pieces varies they’re still clearly based off the build. I’d argue the pose also makes it look a bit different, but I’m not seeing anything that’s infringing on the rules here.The only thing that maybe brings a question mark to me is the tail.


I agree that it’s an interpretation, so it shouldn’t have problems, but the tail is a no no. That is an important change in the MOC, not just an interpretation.

I also kept looking the image because I wasn’t sure if it was moving :sweat_smile:


Stegosaurus tail? That’s new

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Alright so I have some unfortunate news.

Sadly I’m going to have to DQ this entry, specifically as it’s in violation of Rule 4e of the contests:

Now, this was a rule that was well known prior to the contests but in the process of preparing this post I realized that it wasn’t actually in the ruleset for this contest. As such, I do hope that you’ll take the opportunity afforded by the next 2 weeks of the entry period to modify this piece to be closer to the MoC - removal of the tail should be enough to comply with the rule.

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me or reply here and I will do my best to answer.



The stylization is not a problem. There is no requirement that any part of the Art be recognizable as Lego parts.

The cloth is also fine. The original MOC has a cape, and this just expands on it.

The gold is starting to get a little far from the MOC, but it’s small enough that it could maybe be allowed.

But a tail? That goes way beyond stylization.

There was no Helryx Art that even came close to this level of deviation from the MOC. At least none that weren’t DQ’d


Yeah, I guess the tail is a fair complaint. Hopefully they re-enter without it, though.

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Being that my real life last name is Eldritch, I approve of these messages.

Eldritch - adjective - Ghostly, sinister, or weird


I very dearly hope that this is resubmitted without the tail. It’s probably not going to be my top vote, but it’s a wonderful stylization and I love how the mask (and the overall artwork) seems to invoke Asian themes in keeping with BIONICLE’s Polynesian origins.

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Unfortunately, I have no desire to edit the drawing.

Since it was a genuine mistake in the rules (And let’s not bring the argument that “This rule was on the Helryx contest”, Artakha is not a Toa, theoretically he would even have wings, like Makuta, for example)
Also, the absence of a tail ruins the whole image, because he was drawn like this from the very beginning:

looks nothing like the original
how is this in any way based on the winning moc?

I hate that you won’t do an update. So far this one has really stuck me because of how unique it is. The tail is neat, but it’s not the focal point and it wouldn’t take make from your creation if removed.