My Bio-Mini's

The following are mini’s I’ve made.
I broke these a long time ago, but if I really wanted to I could build them again.

Here’s the Bohrok:

Here’s the Rahkshi:

Here’s Makuta Teridax:

Here’s Sidorak:

The picture’s below are my brother’s and I have his permission to post them here.

These are his Toa Mata:

These are his Toa Nuva. He said that he didn’t really like his Takanuva or Pohatu that much:

Time for some fight’n!

Lewa Mata Vs. the Bohrok:

Lewa Mata Vs. Turrahk:

Sidorak Vs. Kopaka Mata:

Aww… Teridax and Takanuva’s first battle:

And now some funny ones :smiley:

Sidorak doesn’t know where to put his new Lego set:

Sidorak doesn’t like this party:

So what’s your thoughts guys?
Want more?
Want instructions?
Anything you would’ve changed?

Feedback’s very appreciated :smiley:


I was wondering if those Toa Nuva MOCs on your profile were yours! They are really well done, especially the Bohrok. Though I would suggest improving Teridax’s feet and adding a few additions to the torsos of the Toa Mata. Otherwise, you did great and I would love to see more of these in the future!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Ya, I agree with you on the feet for Teridax. I made thase a while ago.

As for the Mata, I really liked the bodies my brother chose. besides, Ids5621 (A guy on youtube) has a pretty cool Mata design goin’ for him and we wouldn’t want to copy him, so we’ll keep our mini build the same as our (sort of) signature mini look.

But, still I agree with you on the Teridax feet.

If my brother lets me, I’ll post our Matoran of Metru Nui rebuild. (Post Mask of Light Matoran.)
I doubt he’ll let me though…

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Can the Bohrok still roll?

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Understandable. I hope you get permission to post photos of your Metru Nui MOCs!

Yes, theoretically.

I can’t confirm for sure, (Because I don’t have them built right now.)
but the build is in the right position for them to turn in to a ball.

I’m sure they could roll, I just can’t confirm it.

Sort of like how I’m sure BIONICLE will return, I just can’t confirm it.


This is just to cute for being real. xD

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Just keep in mind they look NOTHING like the original Matoran of Metru Nui.

This is because my brother had this idea that the matoran would’ve been rebuilt on Metru Nui after Takanuva led them back.
So, they will look more like the rebuilt versions of the Matoran of Mata Nui.

In fact my brother said that I could show you guys Jaller, Hahli, Hewkii, Nuparu (You’ve probably seen him already), Kongu and Matoro.

Just give me a sec :wink:

It’s a cute Chibi Makuta!

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I love them! My favorites are the bohrok.

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Mine to :slight_smile:

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Chibi Bionicle?

I freaking love mini-Sidorak, it’s so cute!


I think he meant “chubby”.

Wow, I got another “nice post” badge :smiley:

The next MOC I’ll show is going to be an original character.

He’s not that complex of a MOC or character, but he has a story concept which I think you guys will like. :slight_smile:

For now I let you know his name:


(If this name is offensive in any way, please let me know.)

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Teehee that was adorable :heart: and I got a good laugh at the humorous shots, especially the Bohrok moving the set. Great posing there. You mini-fied/chibi-fied all of them well, Cept maybe the Rahkshi. I personally woulda tried to fit shorter legs on them, but I understand what you were going for keeping the shin parts on them. That’s signature.

As for your question I say yes, bravo, encore! :clap:

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Thanks, I guess I’ll have to make more when I get the parts. :slight_smile:

By the way, everyone keeps using this word so, what does “chibi” mean?

It’s a uh, a japanese art aesthetic, I think.

Indicating like, large heads, and smaller bodies, and just overall looking “cute” I think.

As far as I can understand it.

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So then, like my brothers Matoran style? :wink:

Uh, Wikipedia. Chibi (style) - Wikipedia

Fail me not.

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