My Custom Minifigs

Hi :slight_smile:

Recently, I’ve been making custom minifigs of friends of mine from the ttv message boards. These are made in BrickLink’s studio software with a healthy dose of elements only on mecabricks.

First is @Nyran

I’ll probably edit this one later on to give Nyran dual molded legs and better colors, but I’m quite pleased with helmet- obviously these are very non-purist.

I’ll post more customs later today and in the coming week :slight_smile:


Neat idea, and very nice looking. It’s wild how versatile that new Iron Man helmet piece is.

wait that’s not @yran

Said it elsewhere, but love how it turned out/this project is shaping up, and I wish you luck with the rest of the gang

For those in the dark: Design based on the most recent incarnation of the character

as illustrated in the 6 images present in this gallery

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I’ve also made @KyoryuYellow1138 :slight_smile:


Nice work. Could maybe use a little more white/gray around the face to detail its mask.

Very faithful recreation

defs an easier design to translate than mine lol

I am so sorry.

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A real quick and simple @MaximumWarp


How do you go about making these bomb-■■■ decals? I know there’s some guides on the dimensions but I think it’d help to see what the process is really like.

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There’s a lot of trial and error involved, but studio makes it really easy. I’ll post some of my decals tomorrow when I make the next ‘fig :slight_smile:
Until then, I know you could check out @Sokoda’s stuff. They recently released their decals for the BIONICLE ideas project


Where did he post them? I can’t find them on Twitter or here.

These are all slick

When are you going to make LEGOGreg

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I posted them in the original Lego ideas project topic:

At the bottom of the original post.


He’s back baby