My First MOC (WIP)

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I have an idea for rahkshi back covers as a "skirt" idea but i do not have pictures of it yet.
Weapons pictures will also be added later.
(Also these are old pictures)


Kinda hard to see the MOC with the other BIONICLEs around (and the fact that I am growing jealous of all the Mata and Turaga you have).

Interesting way to make the MOC. For the arms, you may have a difficult time doing it the way you set up the arms. I would like to see how you pull it off.


looks good so far for your first moc, I would suggest you find a different way to attach the head though.

hey, @Nyran look at the top of that last pic, looks like you have a fellow bakugan fan.


well the head is going to be a mata head.
@Chronicler honestly I dont know I was going to use pieces similar to the legs but ran out of the color scheme

Ah. Makes sense. Well, make the MOC, and I can critique it for you when you're done.

you can give the mata head a balljointed neck though.
which I strongly recommend.

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yep, gotta rebuild him first

if you're rebuilding him anyway I recommend replacing the keetorange with grey so that the color scheme is less cluttered.

hmmm, I kinda liked the contrast

it's not the contrast, but that means you have to balance four colors.
which means the moc will look cluttered.


Looks interesting to say the least. Going to keep an eye on it to see how it develops.

First MOC? I think it's impressive somehow that you haven't MOCed before.


UPDATE! For those who were waiting with baited breath.


*spits out drink

Holy Gadunka!

that's the best first moc I've ever seen!

ehem, as for actual critique...
the arms look kind of odd, and there's a hole in the torso,
also you should really give him a neck.

I really like this.

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See look I totally am giving original critique here. It even says my name.

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Honestly Ek
The majority of your posts are either "what he said" or "I have nothing to add"


That's a nice moc, man!
The only thing: Bohrok shield on Lhikan's swords looks odd to me.

I know. I just don't see a need to re-write and re-say what somebody else has already gone in depth on.

Pretty good, but you really should consider connecting that head to a ball-joint.