My first Self-Moc: Willess

So, as most of you probably know, @Political_Slime started making MOCs of everyone here. This is how he made me:

Along with the following description:
"This evil mastermind shows how far heroes can fall. Once the hero William Lesser, he fell into a vat of radioactive goop and became Wile Ess, evil genius!"

I built Slime's model out of my own pieces, but I began to wonder what I'd look like as a HF hero. And then I made this.

Trying to make a fully custom model, down to the custom feet. And then I made a really complex backstory for him.
Back Shot(I blame Slime for this):

Those Legs:

"Once, William Lesser, more commonly known as Willess, was a Hero determined to live up to the standard of his namesake, William Furno. Now he is determined to destroy Hero Factory... in order to save it!"


I must say, I do like those feet.


I like the color scheme, but he has too bulky arms, tho.

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Sad backstory Is sad :^(

I seem to have a thing for sad backstories.