Totally fair MOC contest! (Game)

(No offense intended to anyone on the Canon contests topic, just thought this might be fun)

I figured it was high time we had a Moc contest that was completely fair. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make the best Moc you can make. It can be anything – a building, a character, a landscape, even a mosaic if you so choose. The only rule is that it must be possible for everyone to make it. If anyone cannot replicate your moc for any reason, your moc is disqualified.

So here’s how this works: You submit a moc. The next person disqualifies your moc, and submits their own, and so on. For example:

Person A:

I submit this Moc:
Aquinus Viex

Person B:

I can’t make that, I don’t have any Kiina fins
I submit this old Moc:
My first Self-Moc: Willess

Person E:

Hey, I don’t have a Furno helmet, I can’t make that. DQ’d!
I submit this moc:

You can either post a picture, or link to a topic/imgur gallery/wherever else you’ve posted your moc.

I shall start (because the person hosting this can also enter for some reason)

I shall submit this moc, which I fully expect everyone should be able to make.


Nope, can’t make that. Don’t have that Jayko helmet.

This Matau-Vakama combiner.


Sorry, I’ve only got one silver Piraka foot.



No fair, you have more teal technic beams than I do.

Surely anyone can make this, right?

Sorry, I can’t make that. I don’t have the crystal beast head.


I think unless we stick to bare CCBS it’s impossible to have a truly fair contest. I mean maybe if you told everyone to buy the same set and only use those peices but I don’t think anyone otherwise has all the same parts.

If you want to do this maybe pick a 20$ creator set but they’re will always be advantages to using your personal collection.


Sorry, don’t have the arch bricks used on the tail rotor.

How about this Toxic Reapa revamp?


Ahhh my Toxic Reapa claw feet are broken, can’t build that.
Take a look at this mad boi:


Don’t have the stickered panels.

Introducing Guy everyone can make™!

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Nope. I’m sure there’s probably one person that doesn’t have those weapons. As stated going off our personal collections it’s impossible to have a fair contest. We need to all vote on one set and buy that set so the only advantage is your skill.

Thanks you broke the game

Always post an image of the next moc

Like this


Back on Track


I don’t have any of those masks, I can’t build it.

I can’t build it because… It isn’t a moc

Cmon dude you have to have a moc there; that’s the only part that has to be consistent

The Bionic Man


Don’t have those flame bois on the club thing

I think I actually have all the parts to build that. What now?

I Don’t have a Tarduk helmet.


I don’t have the Trans-Red Tahu mask.


I dont own the surge helmet

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I don’t have the blue dish