My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

That video is hilarious

Well it took me awhile to realize that this was a topic blush

I thought it was hilariously awesome.


Wait, that was seriously four weeks ago already? Man, time flies when you're enduring a mid-season hiatus.

I'm going to assume that this thread is kind of slow since we have EQD - is that the case? Who here frequents EQD, and do you think that's why we don't have much to say here?

And also, since it hasn't appeared here yet but is incredibly important and necessary to share with the world:


I'm just a casual follower, due to both my brother and sister being invested in the show. I understand allot about it from watching the show with them and hearing them talk about it, but I wouldn't say I'm a "true fan" if you will.

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I became a brony only a few months ago, and I visit EQD every few days for news.

one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that BIONICLE: 2015, as bad as it's release schedule has been it's doing way better than MLP: 2015

also doesn't that dude reading the russian newspaper at 59:50 sound exactly like Ven?

Well, at least all the new episodes don't get leaked months early in a different language...

And I guess the Russian Newspaper guy sounds somewhat like Ven. I wouldn't have made the connection myself, but now that you say so I guess I can hear that.


Okay, who else is hyped for Friendship Games! Long live Sunset Shimmer...
...and those other people, too, I guess.

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Me! I am so hyped! smile

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Wow! Did they just give us a map episode :horse:
AND an EG movie :horse_racing:
on the same day!? :open_mouth:

It was Saturday. Also, what is a map episode?

Great. More Flash Sentry. Also, CADENCE! And, Twilight goes to Crystal Prep! This will make things interesting.

A map episode is an episode if MLP Season 5 where the cutie map in Twilight's palace sends some ponies somewhere to do something friendship-y; such as The Cutie Map, Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, and now Made in Manehattan

'K, thanks!

They did! And it was AMAZING!

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Uhh...what was that!? :frowning:

So I don't think this has been posted here before. Odd, really - I would have thought it'd make an appearance sooner, considering the content:


That is the funniest thing I've seen/heard all day. Thank you for sharing that.


"Raiders of the Lost Mark" was BEAUTIFUL. :joy: