My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

They got their marks!!!


Did that episode remind anyone else of Magical Mystery Cure?

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CORRECTION: "Crusaders of the Lost Mark".

Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

Watching it now.

yeah except for the fact that this is what people actually responded positively to it

dresses! (2:45)



I can't. Too feels. Not enough emotions available for processing.

Also, this doesn't seem to have really been brought up much in the wake of this last episode - which surprises me, seeing as it concerns Luna:

You see this? This is Celestia. Getting a letter. And showing it to Luna. This is not Luna looking over Celly's shoulder at the letter, this is Celestia saying "Hey, Luna, you wanna actually look at this letter sent to us, since we're equals and not everything is just sent to me in particular?"
I would've thought it would get more attention - but then again, given everything else that happened in this episode, I can't really blame anyone.



Now, I'm really excited for the Season 5 Finale. I would be very surprised if the CMC didn't have a place in it, especially since it'll probably feature the return of Starlight Glimmer and have something to do with Cutie Marks.

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FINALLY!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! FIVE YEARS!!! MOTHER OF LAUREN FAUST WAS THAT WORTH IT!!! (brb about to rewatch the episode)


The episode made me shed man tears.


@TakumaNuva, your opinion on this episode?

I can't help but think about how much the CMC annoyed me when we first met them.

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting that to happen, but it feels good, man.


Agreed on the CMC thing - though I'd never really realized before how much they'd grown on me, I think. In fact, I really wasn't looking forward to this episode since I figured it was just going to be another one of the usual fare... Boy, was I wrong. WHO NEEDS STATUS QUO ANYWAY.

Okay, I gotta ask you people, which in your opinion is the worst/most cringey episode? The best and awesomest?

Th ones I skip over, one such is that one with the yaks or something.

Either "Slice of Life" or "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep".
Both were awesome.

Worst: Dragon Quest (I get what it's trying to say, but the ponies were so insensitive toward Spike) or Putting Your Hoof Down (again, I get the idea, but it's so unpleasant seeing a pony be such a jerk).
Best: Hmmm... here's my top 4 in no particular order: Magical Mystery Cure, Equestria Games, Twilight's Kingdom, and Crusaders of the Lost Mark.

What, no Hearts and Hooves Day? :open_mouth:

I didn't mind Hearts and Hooves day that much.

I gotta say my
-least favorite episode is probably Dragon Quest.
-favorite episode is probably crusaders of the lost mark or amending fences (the feels hit me there)

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Eh, it's alright, but Cheerilee and Big Mac get a bit too creepy for my liking. I enjoy the creepiness of Lesson Zero, but that's mainly because of the fun facial expressions, which this episode lacks. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the satire of infatuation.

Lesson zero was great, loved how Twilight goes through a mental breakdown over a letter :smile:

Speaking of opinions, anyone got an opinion on The One Where Pinkie Knows?

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