My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

First of all, I'm biased since I consider Pinkie Best Pony, but I really liked it. This was basically an episode about Spoilers, which reminds me I'd better do this before I continue. I thought it was interesting that Pinkie's role was reversed from "Green Isn't Your Color". Perhaps that was karma for how creepy she was toward Twilight in that episode. What sold me for this episode was that ultimately Pinkie succeeded. Usually in this type of plot, like in "Green Isn't Your Color", the secret-keeper fails at the last second. Overall, I thought it was a funny episode with a lot feeling, as a Pinkie episode should be.

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Just "watched" The One That Pinkie Pie Knows.
When I say "watched", I mean that I skipped over it, watching the intro, and final scenes. =P

So, is it getting a negative reaction? :hushed:

The part about Applejack's birth certificate was funny.
"I don't like where this is going." - Applejack, "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows".
That was funny, and when Pumpkin Cake put her hoof over her mouth alongside Ms. Cup Cake.

So... 46th Favorite/110 Total Episodes.

Worst: "Green isn't your Color." It was contrived and altogether poorly written to have Twilight keep secrets from Fluttershy and Rarity, when the two of them would obviously be better off knowing that Rarity is jealous of Fluttershy's new model-status and that Fluttershy is unhappy. The two agree on something without knowing because Twilight has to keep it a secret or else Pinkie Pie will lose her marbles FOREVER!!! . Overall, the secret is kept and literally every character (except Pinkie) suffers as a result. Nice Moral there, writers!

Best: "Tanks for the Memories." I'm not even a Rainbow Dash fan, but the comedy and writing for this episode was spot-on. Not only did the writers accurately show the five stages of grief in a kids' cartoon without actually killing anyone, they did it subtlely. I didn't even recognize the allusion to DABDA (denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance) until my favorite MLP reviewer (SilverQuill) pointed it out.

A bit late to the party here, aren't I?

Anyway, I thought it was an overall good episode. I think it faced much the same problem as Princess Spike did, being the immediate follow-up to an episode that was almost universally adored, but it seemed to fare much better and was still an enjoyable episode (more so than Princess Spike).

I liked that they got the "big reveal" out of the way straight off - it made way for a much more potentially entertaining story than just following the mane cast trying to discover the secret, or Pinkie trying to keep it without the audience knowing what it was either.

One last thing: Someone please compare these two sections of music, and tell me if I'm crazy or not. (Nobody else that I've seen seems to have picked up on the possible similarity, so chances are I probably am.)

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So, we've finally met the rest of Pinkie's family. What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Or were you too distracted by the new ship?

I haven't watch the new episode.


great episode! More talking characters are always a plus.


Also, is that really still up? Guess Hasbro just decided it wasn't really worth the effort or something to take it down.

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Pony stuff on Dailymotion tends not to be take down; there's a whole channel (or two or more, probably) with MLP episodes all the way from the first episode, I believe.

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though hasbro is starting to go after them too from what I've read on EQD.

I wonder when we'll get the episodes on Vessel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I love how they had a winter holiday episode before a Halloween one, even if the episodes got switched around :smile:

And then Tanks for the Memories happened, and it wasn't even winter until HearthBreakers. At least they didn't just up and show him in the next episode.

Temporal Anomalies aside I still love that episode!!! :joy:

Well, the episode order is not the official timeline.
I'll eventually place every episode before season 5 into a time line.

Eventually. ;-;


So speaking of Scare Master, now that it's out officially what does everyone think of it?

Personally, I wasn't such a big fan of it back when I saw it during the initial leak, and watching it again just recently didn't improve my opinion any. To me, it was just one of those episodes that felt significantly longer than 22 minutes - and not in a good way; just too many separate things happened without quite solid enough connections to keep them feeling like a progressing story, and it ended up seeming more like a series of vignettes with a loose storyline tying them together.

Don't get me wrong, there were things that I liked about it - as there are with any episode for me, otherwise I probably wouldn't still be watching - but overall it felt like something was just missing that would have made it truly engaging to me.

...I've got it. There was no real raising of the stakes, save for the chase scene towards the end - and even then, we as the audience already knew Fluttershy was planning to scare the rest and so already knew there wasn't any real danger. Even Princess Spike, pretty much the default go-to bad episode this season, raised the stakes progressively throughout the episode; this one just felt more like a flat 'no tension' throughout the episode until (debatably) the last 5 minutes or so, where we reached a relative climax.

Man, this probably isn't the best place to post essays on each new episode as they come out, is it? Oh well, chances are I'll be doing it each week anyway - I just hope they'll be more positive than this for the most part. Once again, don't get me wrong, I DID like this episode - it's just not a great one for me, and probably not one I'm ever gonna rewatch outside of if I ever decide to do the whole season or series.

TL;DR The episode was okay but suffered from pacing and tension issues IMO. Also this is probably going to become a weekly thing for me, so sorry in advance for the huge boring walls of text every week. To make up for it, have a Flutterscream.


Best face :smiley:


Fluttershy! Stop trying to imitate my avatar. That's not the best look for you.

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