My Okotan MOCs: Rivak and Tanala

Hi there! So I decided to build some Okotans:

Tanala is on the left and Rivak is on the right.

Tanala is a female Okotan from the region of water. She is friendly and cheerful, but doesn’t like to tell others about her feelings. She carries a dagger in case she is threatened. She is Rivak’s best friend.

Attack from above!

…Dealt with!

Her skirt prevents her from sitting, but it can be swapped with another small build, and placed in front of her to look like it is still attached to her.

Rivak is a male Okotan from the Region of Fire. He considers himself to be Okoto’s best engineer, creating inventions to keep himself and his friends safe. He is usually friendly and open, but is quick to anger if he is annoyed or provoked. He hates the protectors and the Toa, for personal reasons, and takes matters into his own hands whenever evil threatens.

Skull Spider Strike!

Skull Spider Squashed!

I really enjoy these two MOCs! Both Okotans have custom torsos, but standard CCBS arms, and legs. The only issues are that Rivak’s neck is too skinny and that when posing Tanala, her arms can cause the upper body to ■■■■■ (it’s more of an annoyance, though).

So what do you all think? Do you like them? Hate them? Etc.?
Let me know in the comments below!

PS. I will also make more Okotans (depending on the pieces and time I have).

Thank you!!!


Simple, but good.
Not much else to say.


These are pretty neat.
You should join the Peoples of Okoto: community moc project

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The skirt on Tanala is a nice touch. I also really like Rivak’s sort of dwarf-stocky build.

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@king328 Thank you! You can’t really do much with small MOCs :grinning:
@Umarak Thank you! I might join the community project (If I have time :smile: )
@SwagMeister Thank you! They were both meant to be the same height, but something happened when I was building (I think it gives them more personality though :slight_smile:)

@DG_Eddie (I figured covered ball-joints would restrict movement and would look less feminine.)
Thank you all!


Simple, yet good.

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Must… Not… Get… Triggered… From… Uncovered… Balljoints…

Pretty good, tip of the old tophat for you.


I really like both of these, Taala in particular.

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Great MOCs Jon, I really like them both! I would like to see future Okotan MOCs from you just as great as these! :slight_smile:

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