My school sucks because it blocks TTV's videos

My school pretty much blocked most videos from Youtube which means I won’t be able to watch some TTV videos


I have a netbook (and so does everyone else it was given to everyone for the measly price of 400euro) used for school that most of us use for playing crabby flash games in break
we arent even allowed youtube

ok but Internet Explorer saved me because it’s not blocked like Chrome is because the school never even use Chrome

You think you have it hard, my school actually has this site blocked on the computers they gave us. =P


yea but ussullay when I’m at school things are blocked for moltible reasons and I understand that but what I don’t understand when I’m at home I get to do anyting that I want to do until now so yea but not all Vids are blocked but some are and it shocks me that some reason most TTV vids are block for some reason.

What kind of idiots are they, using IE instead of Chrome? :stuck_out_tongue: The world would be a better place without IE (and much easier on web designers like me) :stuck_out_tongue:


My school blocked all of Youtube.

Of course, all you have to do to get past that is bypass security firewall.



Oh my this is an outrage. Does those people know who TTV is? Probably not… Man that’s painful. ~Pyrox

No they don’t know what TTV is

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I’m glad my school didn’t block this message board, though. Posting this from school.

That seems a bit harsh, no?


not really


My school never blocks anything because I’m homeschooled :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they blocking these at your house too? I don’t see how they could do that.


Man, I am really sorry for you.

My school is way too dumb for that, you can easily play Minecraft if there are computers near.

We aren’t allowed to have electronic devises inside our school, so…

I feel so sorry for you :,-(

yup I sometimes have to wait when the next TTV vid is unblocked

At my school they use the Colorado Douglas County blocklist, which means any website like youtube, twitch, and most recently, YAHOO are blocked. But I can give you several ways to get around the blockage. But this only works if you are admin on your computer or you know the password. At my school we have to buy our own laptops so pretty much everyone is admin on their computer. Sometimes I use my Dell inspiron 15 or my Spankin new HP.

one option is to get a proxy server like Spotflux. Or you can get the TOR browser, which lets you browse the web anonymously, therefore rendering blocklists useless. In fact I’m using TOR right now to write this post.

My school blocked the TTV message boards.
But I use VPN because I live in China, so I bypass it.

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