My Self-MOC--Newest Version

So yeah, this is my nameless Self-MOC. I've made a few versions of this guy in the past (they're on my Flickr photostream), but I think this is my (almost) final version. Let me know what you think about it!!


er... unless you can get more of that bright green from the ninjago sets or something, those skull spiders look out of place. Otherwise he looks cool. Is he a big fore-headed warrior or scientist?

Yeah, the skull spiders do look out of place in that color, so I might end up swapping the lime green for more of the bright green color. (or maybe vice versa?) Thanks for the feedback! smiley

And I haven't actually written a backstory for him.....yet. wink


I actually think this guy looks really cool and the skull spiders don't bug me too much- but a Ninjago set could really make this guy look epic. I also think the swampy appearance is pretty neat.

I think he looks pretty good man

The curved pieces used as armor on the legs seem to conflict with each other a bit. It makes the knees look a bit weird. The arms are decent, but the torso and feet seem off color scheme with the rest of the model - you might not be able to fix that on the feet, but you should have the chance to on his torso.


It looks glorious! Tthe meshing of all those greens brings it together for me, maybe some more spring green from ninjago would help but it's not a necessity to do it looks fine how it is.

Looks Spoopy with the lime skulls.
Does this guy have a name yet?

Much agreedom.

@Clone_01354_Productions nice MOC! but Hawkflight is right...

Like he tends to be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Pretty good, but I think the lower legs and feet look kind of wierd though.

@The_Owl, @tak210 Thanks. smiley Yeah, I guess I'll end up adding more spring green, once I get some extra money to buy those Ninjago sets.

@Onyx_ lol Thanks. smile And no, he doesn't have a name....mostly because I'm terrible at coming up with names. stuck_out_tongue

@Middlefingerstudios Thanks. smiley

@Hawkflight, @RaptorTalon, @Sciencegiraffe Now that you mention it, the knees and legs do look a bit awkward, so I'll go back and fix them. And I was actually planning on buying a lime-green Nuva chest armor, but I don't know how that would turn out. As for the feet....I completely forgot them. These were actually just placeholders while I built the rest of the model, and I forgot to change them. Yeah, those will definitely be revised.

Thanks for all the feedback! smiley


This is the most unique SelfMoC I've ever seen. Excellent work!

what's with the bright yellow crotch?

looks alright, not a fan of the minty vomit green lego is using but meh,
also not a fan of skull spiders as masks,
not sure about the leg construction, maybe if we had a shot of the back,
either way I would suggest bulking up the lower legs to make the armor less awkward.

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You found a nice way to integrate otherwise strange and unwieldy pieces into the MOC. I really with that there were more pieces in the same shade of green as the skull spiders, but you make it work.

Overall, I think you did a good job. smile


Nice use of the green skull spider piece as well as inserting the inika build, keep updating it with the new ninjago ghost prices and it'll look perfect.

uh... sir.... he doesn't have the inika build at all... it's mostly custom

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Sorry, I made an incorrect mental image then.

@Hewkii, @Kiixaar Thanks! smiley

@Payinku Yeah, I think that the lower legs need work. Also, do you mean that you don't like the Skull Spiders used as armor, or just the mask itself?

@Elemental Yeah, I'll definitely update him with more spring green pieces. And thanks. smile

How about you name him Botana?

as armor they're fine, they just look awkward as masks to me.