My self moc prototype: Wheatley

He has the same personality as he has in the Portal games

A standing pose

side view.

His two portal guns. I know that it's suposed to be one that can fire both blue and orange portals but i wanted him to have two guns.

His sword. He has it for no reason.

A portal shotgun or something.

A action pose with his sword.

Which he can store on his hip.

Another action shot with his portal shotgun.

And finaly, here he is ready for some fisticuffs with a powerful enemy...

Now here are som disclaimers. The upper arms are taken from the Tahu moc in the intro from vens moc spotlight.1 The body is a slightly modified version of Toa Konpakus body made by wombat combat.2
The lower legs were posted by @Nyran in the HowTo: MOC Tutorials topic.

The reason for not building a original torso, original legs and upper arms are because it is a prototype and i already had the head designer and the lower arms and just wanted to have a general idea on how the final form could be. He is also quiet top heavy so I will have to change that.

So thanks to everyone that took the time to read trough my entire first post on the boards. I hope you like the moc and feel free to give constructive criticism and compliments.


It's decent. The textures clash too much, plus I don't really see Wheatley in it.

Try making an actual Wheatley head, with the bars and grooves on the sides. Then again that may prove too big for the MOC. Do as you please.

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ya i know the textures clash i will fix that soon. As for the head i tried what you suggested and it was way to big so i went with the current head. I may try and modify it as well. thanks for the feedback. As for him not looking like wheatly, well i just wanted the head to at least resemble him. the rest is just suposed to use the colors he has.


Considering wheatley's a core, shouldn't this more resemble Atlas?

Well yes it dose resemble him more. But I thought that a moc looking like a sphere would be quiet boring when it comes to designing it.

Good work...gonna post one thing that he reminded me of


basically a summery of Wheatleys personality put to music.

Yep, pretty also fits for all those "intelligent moron" of my OCs is actually using it. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh cool. What is OC btw?

He is actually a simple fella /s, who happens to posses the power to travel through time, space and dimensions (really simple, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue: )..on surface he acts like an sort of Deadpool-type character, however inside he is really intelligent and somewhat elevated above petty conflicts. Most people call him The Jumper, through he really does not have any confirmed name. I attempted to make a MOC of him several times, but none captured the feel of his silly attitude well. :confused: Aside the mentioned power, he is really nothing else aside a guy with a staff.

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Sounds like a cool guy. I would love to see him as a moc if you manage to make a proper representation of how you imagine him.

He would most likely be orange/dark red guy with painted Hau..maybe the golden Hau from Stars, very sleek and tall figure on top of that, the staff will be most likely just a plain staff....nothing much about that.

sounds like it could be very cool. If you ever want help with him in any way just ask.

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It wont look as great tho...I have odd habit of putting Gunmetal and silver on places where it should not be.

:musical_note: HE'S THE EVIL WHEATLEY COREEE :notes:

Seriously thought,the MOC looks pretty messy but y'know,he's still pretty nice.
The eye is huge thought.

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