My thoughts on the sudden ending of bionicle

With the sudden ending of bionicle gen 2, i wanted to give my thoughts on it,(I don’t post here often but that’s where i thought i could hear the community’s opinion) First of all, The story. Oh was it a dissapointment. Wheni heard the word reboot out of lego’s mouth I thought they’d really reboot it ! But in all honesty, about 50% of the actual reboot factor were placed on the table. I think in a way they never brought back what “my” bionicle was. That bionicle ,to me, was the really intriguing lore hidden all throughout the long running comic book and,well books. They weren’t really present here except the books, which i didn’t find really find intriguing as the one i read before in 2010. Lego cancelled it so fast i couldn’t get into it. I feel truly sad that people younger than i am never experienced the bionicle i had. What are your thoughts on the abrupte ending of bionicle gen 2
TL;DR Bionicle isn’t the same and didn’t have as much developement as before
(sorry for bad grammar)

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