My version of the shadowed one 1s lariska.

Hi.I Wanted to show my version of lariska.I took inspiration from gringats lariska and the shadowded one 1s,since I couldn’t build it due to my little brain,I just took the head and modified it.

Look, no more back pack! If you guys liked the backpack,that’s you.This is me.Theres also a gimmick that’s quite nice:

She can wear helmets.And in canon,her species can wear masks.So this model can do the same!


Heads up, this should be in
Creative Content → Lego Creations.

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doesn’t look too bad to me. nice job

Eh I’d avoid calling other people’s mocs stupid but thats just me


i dont really know which i prefer
but i never was really keen on the head and lack of teal
still good job!

Not bad but the colours are kind of chaotic. Way too many colours going on.

I said im sorry i really am i just dont like all the kibble.

Perspective, if I had commented
“I’m sorry but your moc sucks is kinda lame, sorry but it just sucks”
How would you feel?

You can state it as “There were some aspects of the design that I wasn’t a fan of, such as the backpack”
Much more tactful

fair point

seeing as this moc isn’t restricted to using parts only from krekka and nidhiki. of course it’s easier to make it look good.

I myself made a moc more inspired rather than based upon theshadowedone1’s version. the backpack I agree was not very good looking. it just felt like it was slapped onto it to use parts.
but having this be made more symmetrical wouldn’t be the first thing I’d “fix” the large feet. for example. (that’s something I couldn’t fix without leaving a lot of pieces and I couldn’t find a good replacement)

what he tried to do was make a combination model. and I find it hard to call this better. when you take away that challenge of restricted part usage.

here is my version

Sorry.Im bad at this.Heres what i meant to say:I feel that the use of the parts in the back are just kibble,useless.I apoligize for being rude in any way.