Mysterious BIONICLE Photos

Yeah, no kidding.

It’s been a couple years, buddy.

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I really like that Onua picture. I’d hang that up on a poster.

ikr, it looks so ominous with the green glow of his dark green eyes (at least that’s where I presume the light is coming from) illuminating the cavern

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I was browsing BS01 and I found this on Levahk’s page.

No idea where it’s from, but maybe I’m just a goof. Have you guys ever seen this?


The Bohrok instruction Manuals had a list of images showing the 2002 story. This was one of them.



Oh, I’ve never owned a Bohrok. Is this from a manual, or does it count as mysterious?


That’s the cover of a Lego Club magazine.


disappointed sigh I may have run out of mysterious photos, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t :wink:


Isn’t that from the 2001 power pack?


Yes that is from the Power Pack from the good 'ol days of '01.

Yep, that comes from here


And now the Tahu


That’s it folks. :smile:


@Ekimu The first four are from the website (the ones without background) and the mini CDs that came with the bohrok-kal (the ones with the background), the fifth one is probably from an instruction booklet, the sixth one is from an online game that I remember I used to play when I was a little kid, the seventh if I recall correctly is from one of the two Bionicle encyclopedias, the eleventh and twelfth ones were for some T-shirts that were never released (the twelfth for sure, the other one not so sure), the thirteenth and fourteenth are from the old website, and the fifteenth and seventeenth ones are from Lego club magazines/inserts in the comics.

The rest… I have no idea…

the ones with whenua are from the little mnog-type game for the toa metru.

That is the best picture of Tahu I have ever seen :no_mouth:

You know, I don’t think this combiner ever released, which is a tragedy, because I really wanted UTD to have a uniter function. I was crushed when the beast sets were revealed to be just like last year’s villains and not creatures for Umarak.


That thing still looks terribly bootlegged.


Honestly I’m pretty sure it was just photoshopped together but I want it to be real. Looks like it’d be pretty easy to reverse engineer besides the extra crystals on the legs though, considering it’s basically a bunch of hunks of the beasts smooshed together.

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Stone vs Earth

Pohatu: What the-? Another Toa in my region? Another Toa of Stone?

Onua: Um. I am Onua, a Toa of Earth

Pohatu: …w-what’s the difference


I don’t think they are fighting, just meeting each other…I dunno.

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