Nahoans, Matoran of Naho [Characters][Art][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

Additionally, the following characters are from @Gresh113’s Matoran Ideas thread, with all images by @Noupix. This thread is to help organize the Matoran into their regions, as well as track who would interact with whom.

##Nahoan Royalty

Nokama: matriarch of Naho.

Hahli: treasure hunter; princess(?).

##Arbiters’ Kritarchy

Helryx: leader of the Arbiters.

Dalu: Arbiter Lieutenant.

Arbiter Flagship

  • Vhisola: Elite Arbiter; captain.

  • Colona (@Noupix original): Elite Arbiter.

  • Okoth: Elite Arbiter.

  • Maku: Arbiter; friends with Hewkii; koli player.

  • Evo (Hero Factory): chief helmsman.

  • Surge (Hero Factory): deck cleaner.

Kotu (ideas by @Noupix): inventor and a friendly rival to Nuparu; formerly obsessed with financial success, later “reformed” by Nuparu to invent for the betterment of Matoranity; “redeems” Nuparu after latter is banished.

Gavla (ideas by @Noupix): bartender.

##Nahoan Pirates (@Noupix)


  • Idris: Mahrian; former Arbiter; captain; leader of the Nahoan pirates.
  • Berix: Nahoan; first mate.
  • Tarix: Nahoan; warrior.
  • Kiina: Nahoan; path navigator.
  • Waj: Tiroan; inventory manager/trader.
  • Maho: Mangaian; warrior.
  • Nireta: Motari; mechanic.
  • Marka: Ihuan; scout.

Kyrehx: treasure hunter.
Image pending


it seems like you are going to make every region, and It also seems like you are adding the non-canon ones, will you put Wärter on Ihu even if he is an earth matoran? or you are just not going to put him at all

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Self-MOCs aren’t going to be added to any of the threads, which is why the Self-MOC thread exists.

makes sense, tho I would have liked to see self-mocs on these topics, but I guess Im not one to judge

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You forgot the first male nahoan

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You mean Kotu? He’s at the bottom

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Oh right… Kotu… Forgot about him. I meant one of the elite arbiters.

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There’s a male elite arbiter?

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Found him. Adding him now

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Great. Also, I fixed these two a bit to fit better with the others

Updated hahli. Use the one that you preffer.


I love how this list looks. Great job.

Could you change Nireta to a motari matoran?


Good as done

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Maho is from Mangai? How? And what are the arbiters?

Yes, Maho was born in Mangai. Why is he blue? Armor is repaintable, the giveaway are the eyes.

As for the arbiters? To be honest, I don’t really know myself. I’d assume they are something between warriors and priestesses of Akida, not entirely sure though.


Real arbiters are essentially judges without courts, so you could think of the Arbiters here in the same sense as Biblical judges from the book of the same name, since their government seems to be related to a kritarchy (run by judges).

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It’s cool and I like it but maybe you could use a few less different colors per matoran.
Like, Nireta, for example, has the super light blue, medium azure, dark blue, the other more greenish azure, black, dark brown, light gray, and yellow.
a few different hues are fine, but you might have gone a bit overboard.

Is that the Lara Croft Matoran?

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like your reference to Hero Factory real fan of the line

Would be nice if it linked with the other Magaians, Matoran of Mangai thread, if one exists. As well as the other ones. Not sure if I should add this to the Thread as all the characters are basically on the Ideas thread.

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