The first MOC I've ever posted to one of these Bionicle related sites...

I even make it look festive on christmas

I felt like I needed to include this pelvis shot because the first picture is outdated (if you're wondering that spike thing is there just to fill in the middle.)

here's what I like to call the narcissism shot where I show off the award I won at a smaller convention in philedelphia and the Miru I got TTV to sign

Here's a shot of the feet along with the brickfair nomination I got. It got 2nd place to Alieraah's moon dragon thing.

Well that's it. I'm too lazy to write down his backstory

I hope you enjoyed it!!!


Silly me thinking it'd be based on Life Alert :stuck_out_tongue:


I've fallen and I choose not to get up!
This is insane. It reminds me of dark souls.

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Absolutely love the intimidating glare this thing has.

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Dude, how long did this take to build? This is amazing!

Well that's gonna haunt my dreams tonight :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I like how creepy it is. You did a fantastic job!

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Riiiiight, whatever you say. <--is struggling not to make a pun about bones

But really, this is superb. A real spookifier.

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Well the actual being himself took about three month if I recall.

Later I had him displayed at the convention where I got the trophy. While I was there he was sitting in a standard convention chair and everyone kept telling me I should build a chair for him.

The chair itself took only about a month because I designed it on DDL prior to it's construction and had an overly expensive Bricklink order

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Nice and spooky.

That face is creepy man, looks like something out of a creepy pasta. Fantastic work.

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So he glows in the dark? That's amazing!

Love his big throne, a throne can add and say a lot about a character. I think it's because he's all black although it may be the lighting but I can't really make out where he ends and begins and what pieces are used. The overall model looks really great and that face is really cool.

Also, very jealous of that signed Miru :smile:

Wait really? This model has human proportion and was placed on top on the non-humanoid build?

Anyways, this moc has a unsettling vibe (in a good way) and the face help contribute it.
The System usage is some what a mess though-

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Thanks! It really makes my day when people tell me it's unsettling even in the slightest.

Anyway, yeah. The reason why they put it under that category was because of the chair. They asked me if the chair was part of the MOC and seeing that it basically took up a lot of it, I felt like it was more appropriate to say yes.

Quite the spooky skelebobby

Eeeeehhhahfahgah, that’s unpleasant, gross, not fun to look at… AND PERFECT!!!

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I can barely see it in all the pictures

Can you get better ones?

For now I’ll say the head is awesome