Nameless Self MOC

So I 've recently begun to (finally) push myself out of the old Inika build system. I know he's generic and plain, but I'm really just looking for ideas and some advice, seeing as how I've never done a build quite like this. I'd love to be able to improve upon him and officially christen him as a self-MOC. Also, he has no name, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Again, he desperately needs a name, and some good advice on how to improve him. Laters!


Thraddash(Rhymes with Raddish.)(Fairly simple)

Uh, torso's pretty good, and so are the hips and upper arms.

Still need some work on the shins and lower arms.

Also, the Mata/Slizer Hand on the axe seems...odd

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My god. This is what my self-MOC wishes it were. Very shweet!

As for the name, I'm not very good with names. Vuhii was just something I came up with while playing Halo.

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This is really cool!
Really soid and very eye-drawing smile


I do see what you mean about the slizer/mata hand, I will get that changed. Also, what would you suggest for the shins and lower arms? (Note: I'm not at a premium for parts ATM, so a simple something?)

Really good! I like the use of the black Miru. But... something about the feet bothers me.

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Dark Universe Lewa Mata >->


I dunno... The legs make me feel like it's a female, due to the thickness of the hips and the calves, and the torso has an hourglass shape, in a sense. It overall looks very feminine. Not that it's a bad thing, but I think
if you said this MOC was a female, that would make much more sense.

The MOC looks pretty good overall, though. Just looks like a female to me.


I can see where BT's going about the MOC looking female -- but, by that gambit, Eljay does as well. He's not incredibly skinny like some females could be. My best ideas to make him a bit more male in appearance is a different chest (the chest piece from Black Phantom could work here) and possibly Vahki legs in place of Metru legs as forearms.

Colorslook nice, but I think that with his dark shades -- unless he's a Toa of Shadow or something -- should have an added light color to spice things up.

I'll throw out some names now: Karnein, Vughan, Ceralis, Tarmuro. (I can throw out random names whenever I need to.)

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couldn't he be a toa of earth?

Well, my biggest issue with the arms is a thing that Bionicle has done for the longest time, and that I myself do quite often. But when I can, I attempt to give MOCs lateral bicep movement. Most all my Toa Team outside Baronon has it

If you look at a MOC like Nyran, for example, you notice that the upper arm is like an HF Bone. Ending in a full balljoint, but starting in a socket. By using that balljoint as the end of the upper arm, and then using a socket joint as the start of the lower arm, you're able to get movement up and down, like normal limbs, but you're also able to move the lower arms across the body, or outward, should you want to. Like, he could cross his arms, or whatever.

So, what I recommend, for the upper arm, is to take out the hand piece there, and replace it with a Glatorian neck, or a Hordika inner head piece. And for the lower arms, I'm not exactly sure. How many half-pin deep lift arms do you have? Y'know like this or this?

Good point, but a Toa of Earth would have excuse for additional colors.

I do have quite a few of those, both the four-long and the three-long. I tried to do something like that while I was experimenting, but It never looked full enough. Although, if you have a technique, please share it.

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Here, I'll give you some names:

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I'm so tempted to go with Meatball... Must... Resist...

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My temptation overcame me, I renamed all my MOCs Meatball.


I have a self moc similar to this one same mask and shoulder armor. As well as a the colour schemes being alike.

How about Zadak?

I know it may not be what you're going for, but all I can think of when I see this is Lewa as a Toa of Shadow from an alternate dimension.

Either way, I love it! Simple though it may be, it's still a fine piece of MOCery!

The only name I can think of that fits your moc is Soid but it wouldn't fit unless he were something like a glatorian.